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How to spell KEIV correctly?

If you came across the misspelling "keiv", don't worry, it happens! The correct spelling should be "Kiev". To avoid future errors, remember to place the "i" before the "e". Kiev is not only the capital city of Ukraine but also a cultural hub rich in history and architecture.

List of suggestions on how to spell keiv correctly

  • derv
  • DIV I used the DIV tag to create a container for my website's header.
  • hiv A person who is HIV-positive is at a higher risk for AIDS.
  • iv I need to start an IV for the patient.
  • Keck I'm going to Keck Tonight.
  • keel After much debate, the decision was made to build a new keel for the boat.
  • keen I'm keen to see what this new restaurant has to offer.
  • keep
  • keg I bought a keg of beer for my party.
  • Keith
  • ken Johnny has a ken for cars.
  • keno
  • kepi I always wear a kepi when I'm out riding my horse.
  • Keri The Keri baseball game was postponed because of the storm.
  • kern I tried to take the kern out of the computer.
  • Kerr Johnny Kerr is the best lawyer in town.
  • Kevin My sister's husband, Kevin, is coming to dinner.
  • key
  • Keys I keep my keys in my pants pocket.
  • Kia My old Kia will never die.
  • kid I babysat a kid last night and we watched a movie together.
  • kiev
  • Kim She is Kim Kardashian's little sister.
  • kin I am eager to reunite with my kin at our family reunion next week.
  • kip I'm going to go get some kip from the local convenience store.
  • kit I am going to assemble my new model airplane kit this weekend.
  • Leif Leif and his friends explored the island all day.
  • Nev
  • PERV I can't believe he would cheat on me with that perv.
  • rev
  • RIV
  • shiv After stabbing her, the robber fled with her Sovereignty Shiv.
  • xiv

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