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How to spell KITTER correctly?

If you meant to type "kitten" instead of "kitter", here are some possible correct suggestions. "Kitty" or "cat" are common alternatives, while "feline" is a broader term. "Kitten" describes a young cat, whereas "tabby" refers to a specific cat breed. Remember to double-check your spelling next time for accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell kitter correctly

  • biter The dog was labeled as a biter because it had attacked multiple people.
  • bitter The taste of the medicine was bitter.
  • cotter The cotter is a type of fastener used in the construction of objects.
  • critter I found a critter running across the road.
  • cutter I'm going to need a new cutter for this project.
  • fitter John hired a personal trainer to become fitter for his upcoming marathon.
  • glitter She applied her makeup with care, but the glitter in her eye shadow only made her look more deadly.
  • gutter Sherry's cat slept in the gutter.
  • hitter The team needed a strong hitter to improve their chances of winning the game.
  • jitters It caused her jitters.
  • jittery I am feeling jittery about my presentation tomorrow.
  • jotter I keep a jotter of ideas to get back to.
  • Kidder I've never seen a kidder like that before.
  • kilter My whole day is thrown off kilter when I don't get enough sleep.
  • kinder I have noticed that children are much kinder than adults.
  • kite While hanging from the tree, I caught a kite in my hand.
  • kited I kited a check to pay for my new laptop.
  • KITES I'm going to take my kites out for a spin today.
  • kitten The kitten curled up in his lap and purred contentedly.
  • kitties I have six kitties.
  • kitty I love playing with my kitty, she's so cute and cuddly.
  • knitter Charlotte is a knitter.
  • liter A liter of milk costs twenty cents at the grocery store.
  • litter Please do not litter in public spaces, as it harms the environment and makes the area unsightly.
  • miter The carpenter used a miter saw to make precise angled cuts in the wood.
  • niter Niter is a naturally occurring mineral that is commonly found in caves and underground mines.
  • otter The playful otter slid down the bank into the river.
  • quitter I am not a quitter, I will not give up until I have accomplished my goal.
  • sitter I need to get a new sitter for my dog.
  • skitter I saw a little skitter across the room.
  • titter The group of girls started to titter when they saw the popular boy walking down the hallway.
  • utter The comedian's performance was so hilarious that the audience was in utter disbelief.
  • wittier Sara's jokes are always wittier than mine.

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