How to spell LAISER correctly?

We think the word laiser is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell laiser correctly

  • glaser I need a new lens for my camera; I think I'll get a glaser.
  • kaiser underneath the Third Reich there was always the kaiser, a figurehead with no real power
  • lace I can see the lace up the front of her dress.
  • lair The family of vampires had a lair in the basement.
  • laius
  • laos In Laos, the police are known for their brutality.
  • lapse
  • laser The laser printer prints at a speed of 150 pages per minute.
  • lass I'm sorry, I don't know how to play cards.
  • lassie
  • laws Please obey the laws of the country you are in.
  • laze
  • lease
  • lesser
  • liaise The librarian liaison is responsible for working with the staff to create and maintain a library database.
  • lisper
  • lister She prefers the classic listerine cleanser for her teeth.
  • lose I really need to lose some weight if I want to wear that dress.
  • loser
  • raiser
  • Lars
  • Leaser Lee's car had been a Leaser all her life.
  • Lice
  • Luis
  • Lisa Lisa is a student at the university.
  • Lois I am Lois, editor at the Daily Planet.
  • Louise
  • Lasers
  • lays Jim was tired from working all day, so he decided to take a break and lay down for a little while.
  • lies
  • LEIS "Leslie is a leisured person.
  • LASE The light at the end of the rainbow is called a LASE.
  • liaised I liaised with the other staff to get the job done.
  • lazier They were a lot lazier than I thought they would be.
  • lairs Kingdoms of various creatureslivedinsecret,solitarylocations.
  • easier The process of learning a new language is much easier than I thought it would be.

List of 110 words made from the word laiser

5 letter words made from laiser:

liars, raise, asier, reila, aesir, reais, siler, aisle, liera, alesi, liers, leira, rails, slier, laser, liras, salie, reals, alier, resia, seria, lairs, lirae, riles, searl, selar, rials, saler, riels, sarli, leirs, ailes, seral, reial, srila, laers, alire, arise, sarel, arils, alers, aries, reali, isler, salir, salei.

3 letter words made from laiser:

esr, era, ail, sea, ale, lea, sir, asl, irs, ira, lir, ras, ies, sle, als, ali, lei, lie, ear, are, ler, res, ire, air.

4 letter words made from laiser:

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