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How to spell LAMINETS correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "laminets", fear not! The correct term you may be looking for could be "laminates". Laminates are thin layers of material applied to surfaces, often used in furniture or flooring. So next time you're discussing laminates, remember the correct spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell laminets correctly

  • amines Amines are organic compounds formed by the substitution of one or more hydrogen atoms of ammonia with alkyl or aryl groups.
  • cabinets The cabinets in the kitchen are made of oak.
  • clarinets The orchestra had six clarinets playing in unison.
  • famines Famines were a common occurrence during the middle ages due to poor crop yields and a lack of agricultural knowledge.
  • gamines The gamines wandered the streets, their playful demeanor contagious to all those around them.
  • gaminess I could not eat the meat because of its gaminess and pungent odour.
  • lameness The lameness in her leg made it difficult for her to walk.
  • laments She laments over the lost opportunity.
  • laminate We need to laminate these papers to make them last longer.
  • laminates The flooring is made of high-quality laminates that look like real hardwood.
  • laminitis " Laminitis is a painful condition that affects horses' hooves, causing inflammation and damage to the sensitive laminae."
  • laziness Her laziness prevented her from achieving her goals.

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