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How to spell LAPIDITES correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "lapidites" and intended to convey a different meaning, consider some alternative suggestions. Perhaps you meant "lapidates", which refers to the act of stoning or "lapidation", the noun form of the same word. Both choices convey the intended sense more accurately. Remember to proofread carefully!

List of suggestions on how to spell lapidites correctly

  • acidizes The process of acidizing the well helps to enhance the flow of oil or gas.
  • capitates
  • epidotes Epidotes are commonly found in metamorphic rocks and often have a pistachio-green color.
  • expedites The new software expedites the process of data analysis, saving companies valuable time and resources.
  • labilities The company's financial statements show a clear breakdown of its assets and liabilities.
  • laddies "Come on, laddies, let's set sail and embark on an unforgettable adventure!"
  • ladies The ladies gathered at the charity event, dressed in elegant gowns.
  • laicizes The decision to laicize the priest was met with mixed reactions from the congregation.
  • laminates The flooring in the kitchen is made of high-quality laminates.
  • laminitis My horse developed laminitis after standing on wet ground for too long.
  • lapidaries Lapidaries are skilled artisans who expertly cut and shape gemstones to create exquisite pieces of jewelry.
  • latinizes
  • Luddites The Luddites resisted the introduction of machinery in the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution.
  • rapidity The rapidity with which she completed the project impressed her colleagues.
  • validates The approval from the ethics committee validates the legitimacy of our research project.
  • vapidity The vapidity of the television show left me bored and uninterested.

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