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How to spell LASSE correctly?

If you've been misspelling "lasse" and want correct suggestions, here are a few possibilities: "laser", "lassie", "lasso" or "lass". Remember to check the intended meaning and context before settling on the correct spelling. Accuracy is important to ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lasse correctly

  • lace She wore a beautiful dress with delicate lace detailing.
  • laos Laos is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage.
  • lapse I had a lapse in judgement and accidentally deleted the important file.
  • Lars Lars was excited to be going on the plane.
  • LASE
  • laser A laser is a type of light amplification bystimulation of emission of electrons from an elementdoped with a rare-earth
  • lass The lass was twirling in her pretty dress, her long hair whipping around her face.
  • lassa
  • lasses During the harvest season, the farm hired groups of young lasses to pick the strawberries.
  • lassie Lassie, the famous collie dog, was known for her heroic rescues in the television series.
  • lasso I caught the bear with a lasso.
  • laws Laws are what keep society functioning in an orderly manner.
  • lays I always get the bacon wrapped chicken lays.
  • laze I love to laze around on the weekends and do nothing.
  • lease I have a lease on this apartment until September.
  • less
  • lessee The lessee will be responsible for maintaining the property during the lease term.
  • lesser A lesser evil is better than no evil at all.
  • Lessie My sister Lessie is a ballerina.
  • liaise As a project manager, it is important to liaise with your team regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • loose My shoelaces are too loose and keep coming undone.
  • lose I don't want to lose my way in this unfamiliar city.
  • loss The company experienced a great loss in revenue.
  • louse This louse is large enough to swallow a small mouse.
  • passe The trend for cropped tops is now passe.

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