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How to spell LATES correctly?

"Lates" could potentially refer to "latest", "lates" or "late's". Depending on the context, possible correct suggestions for the misspelling include adding an "s" to make it "lates" plural, changing it to "late's" with an apostrophe for possessive form or altering it to "latest" for a superlative form.

List of suggestions on how to spell lates correctly

  • dates I have a handful of dates in my backpack that I plan on snacking on during my hike.
  • elates Winning the first prize elates the student more than anything else.
  • fates The fates of the two rival nations depended on the outcome of the treaty negotiations.
  • gates The gates of the castle were closed tight, leaving no possibility of getting inside.
  • Hates
  • laces
  • lades She lades her backpack with books before leaving for school.
  • Ladies Gentlemen, may I present to you my lovely ladies
  • lads The lads were hanging out at the park, playing soccer and laughing together.
  • lakes Lake George is one of the many lakes in upstate New York.
  • Lames The lames of the guitar were worn out.
  • LANES I'm going to the store, but I'll meet you there if you want to LANES.
  • lards He lards his speech with unnecessary jargon, making it difficult for others to understand.
  • late I am always late to my appointments.
  • later
  • latest I haven't seen your latest artwork yet.
  • latex I wear latex gloves to avoid getting latex on my skin.
  • lathes The woodworker used lathes to turn the wooden blocks into beautiful bowls.
  • Laths Natalie laths up the sides of the house.
  • lats I worked on my lats during my upper body workout at the gym.
  • lattes I need a lattes please.
  • lauds The bishop lauds the efforts of the volunteers who spent countless hours helping the homeless during the pandemic.
  • laves I laves the plates after dinner.
  • let's " Let's go grab a drink after work today.
  • lets Do you want to come over and lets watch a movie?
  • liters I need to fill up my car with 50 liters of gasoline.
  • lodes The lodes of silver ran through the earth like veins.
  • lots There are lots of people waiting in line to buy tickets for the concert.
  • lotus The lotus flowers were in full bloom in the pond.
  • lutes In Renaissance times, lutes were a popular instrument for court musicians.
  • mates I always feel better when I'm with my mates.
  • oates She read aloud from her favorite book, " Oates' novel tells the story of a Midwestern family"
  • pates I would like some pates.
  • plates I have a set of china plates that my grandmother gave me.
  • rates If you have any questions about the rates, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • sates The sight of the buffet sates my hunger.
  • slates The classroom was lined with old wooden desks and chairs, each topped with dusty slates waiting to be filled with arithmetic and penmanship lessons.
  • Yates I was introduced to Mary Queen of Scots by Yates.

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