Correct spelling for LAUERNT

We think the word lauernt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lauernt

  • aunt Paul can stay with my aunt.
  • burnt Then they deserve to be burnt, doubtless," cried the woman.
  • daunt It was a sight to daunt the most high-hearted, and they stared, dropping ejaculations that told of the first decline of spirit.
  • flaunt You must flaunt your shame in my face!"
  • fluent Therefore, until easier and more fluent times, to the heart of the subject straight.
  • gaunt Footsteps on the stairway sent a new chill through his gaunt frame.
  • haunt That haunt my troubled brain?
  • jaunt They would naturally suspect that his trip East to visit the Swift Construction Company was no idle jaunt.
  • laden Arabs and Takruries arrive with camels laden with cotton and grain.
  • lament Strive so to do, that Gudrun may lament.
  • lander Henderson, Mr Robert Douglas, Mr William Colvil, Mr William Bennet, Mr George Gillespie, Mr John Oswald, Mr Mungo Law, Mr Robert Lawrie, Mr John Adamson, D. John Sharp, Mr George Leslie, Mr Andrew Fairfowle, Mr David Calderwood, Mr Andrew Blackhall, Mr James Fleeming, Mr Robert Ker, Mr John Macghie, Mr John Dalyell, Mr Andrew Stevenson, Mr Robert Lander, Mr James Robertson, Mr Patrick Sibbald, Mr Robert Carson, Mr Alex.
  • lantern At last he blew the lantern out and once more composed himself to sleep.
  • latent For, well we know, the unregenerate mind Is proper soil wherein to seek and find The seeds of latent evil, which may spring- And springing, grow, till they destruction bring.
  • later Farrel asked his daughter a few days later.
  • lauder There was a bonnie, wee lassie who was to become Mrs. John Lauder ere so long-she helped our boy, too, to get back his strength.
  • launder The caldron, being thus prepared, is entirely filled through a launder with water, and this is boiled with a fierce fire until it bubbles.
  • laureate The laureate made an ode upon him, which was set to music; and the public learned, with tears of compassionate regret at so romantic a circumstance, that pigeon-pies were sent daily to his prison, made by the delicate hands of one of his former mistresses.
  • lend To ask if you will lend me five hundred rupees.
  • lent Of the artists, Turner perhaps lent himself most to Punch's satire.
  • lento Mulus peregrini gradu lento progressus est, ut unumquodque verbum controversiae, non tantum inter militem et tympanistam, verum etiam inter tubicinem et uxorum ejus, audiret.
  • lint I never likit a lassie afore I set my een on you," said Ebie, which, to say the least of it, was curious, considering that he had an assortment of locks of hair-black, brown, and lint-white-up in the bottom of his "kist" in the stable loft where he slept.
  • talent "You've got a splendid talent.
  • taunt In the roadstead was lying a large vessel, whose taunt, raking masts, and square, lightly-rigged yards, proved her to be a man-of-war.
  • vaunt Zeus requires Thy declaration of what marriage-rite Thus moves thy vaunt and shall hereafter cause His fall from empire.
  • Lauding Let them go on as they are, hoping and waiting; lauding him to the skies as a sort of superman?
  • Lamont Dorian struggled to put away from him the dark thoughts which had arisen because of his recent encounter with Mr. Lamont.
  • Laurent It was read and accepted by the Comedie Francaise on August 17th, 1848, under the name of "Le Faiseur"; and when Balzac returned to Russia at the end of September, he asked his friend Laurent-Jan to take charge of the comedy during his absence.

222 words made from the letters lauernt

3 letter words made from lauernt:

eta, anu, enl, tan, lat, ute, tea, era, urn, ret, ate, let, ale, net, run, tar, ant, leu, ear, ern, alt, nut, ter, ert, lan, are, ten, ult, rat, ler, url, rna, ane, tun, lea, tau, ent, eat, uta, rue, art, rut.

5 letter words made from lauernt:

lerna, ulnae, atune, lutra, nuter, nault, naret, nalut, luten, letra, auret, renta, nauer, ultra, larne, taler, rauen, alter, utena, autre, laten, lenau, retal, unter, lunae, urate, retun, altun, erlan, letna, earnt, netra, ulnar, lunar, arent, laner, ruane, larut, leuna, artel, ntare, anter, nerul, untre, unlet, ature, learn, atler, alert, lanre, renal, atule, laune, tanur, ralte, antle, ratel, aleut, runte, latur, runet, lenat, rutan, traun, truel, ertan, auter, luner, neral, trela, terna, later, luena, arute, tuner, tural, urent, rutae, tarle, untar, truan.

4 letter words made from lauernt:

lunt, elan, ertl, atle, atul, tear, alur, laut, nuer, luer, enur, nuta, naur, anle, teal, ruea, aunt, near, anlu, talu, late, ruta, rant, lert, raun, rate, urea, eral, lran, etna, nute, true, rent, luna, lane, raut, rale, tale, unal, nuel, ulna, uner, tuel, tuer, tune, lent, rune, lear, auer, trel, turn, treu, runa, neat, real, reul, tual, leur, etau, tuen, ulta, utne, earl, rute, uale, tean, lena, tarn, tare, atun, renu, earn, trna, lean, raue, luat, taue, arul, tera, luen, ture, tuna, uren, luar, elua, rule, ante, tern, lute, uate, ruen, ratu, tael, alne, urna, utan, lure, runt, larn.

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