Correct spelling for LEIGN

We think the word leign is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for leign

  • align A halt of very brief space to align and close up ranks, and they were ordered forward to the attack.
  • being 1892. You never knew of any objection being made to giving you worsted as part of what you were to get for your shawls?
  • deign Your Majesty will deign to remember the brave General who fought at Fontenoy.
  • feign He cannot feign suffering and starvation like this.
  • klein Ja, grosser Moser, der H. Heine ist sehr klein."
  • lan Ngo- Lan fought like a cat, but despite her writhing, scratching and biting, I bound and gagged her with her own clothing, and left her lying in the tunnel while I stepped in a car and shot toward the gate.
  • lean The lean man said admiringly, "Nothin' like a little fight to clear the air, Jud boy!"
  • learn He was to learn.
  • leg Jones stared at the leg Rea held up.
  • legion He took the first and fourth legion, and left the second and third to Minucius, dividing the auxiliary troops equally with him.
  • lei No doubt it was a very fascinating "somebody" who made you stay in tutelage twenty-four hours after you had reached your twenty-first year and come into 15,000 lei.
  • leiden He took the degree of doctor of law at Leiden, and entered on practice as an advocate.
  • leigh Leigh does not by any means belong to the most romantic and picturesque part of the western coast; but on whatever shore the sea-waves break, there always is a great and dreary beauty.
  • lena Lena was not to know whence or from whom it came.
  • lenin It is all very well for LENIN to talk about Great Britain recognising Russia, while his followers are doing their best to render the place almost unrecognisable.
  • leon "We have not met to consider questions in which Leon Garcia, or his representative, has any concern.
  • lesion -In degree these vary in mathematical progression, but the extent of the lesion is not always readily differentiated by the early clinical manifestations, and again the actual damage is not to be estimated by the gross apparent anatomical lesion alone; but, in addition, consists in part in changes of a less easily demonstrable nature, varying with the velocity with which the bullet was travelling and the consequent comparative degree of vibratory force to which the nerve has been subjected.
  • liege It is possible in Liege to forget-or rather impossible to recall-the soiled and grimy country that stretches from its gates in the direction of Seraing.
  • lien a lien to the extent of said advance on all the crops which may be grown on the said plantation or farm during the year 190.., wherever said crops or parts of them are found.
  • limn
  • lin
  • line
  • ling
  • lingo
  • lino
  • lion
  • loin
  • lying
  • reign
  • Lain "Dead," he said to himself many a time, and but for the dread of the hereafter, he, too, would gladly have lain down in the graveyard where Daisy was sleeping so quietly.
  • Leno A second visual effects man from Bangor, Christopher Mills, has contributed to such films as Evan Almighty, The Golden Compass, and Night at the Museum Comedian Bob Marley, born and raised in Bangor, has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan OBrien as well as Comedy Central and cult film "The Boondock Saints".
  • Lenny The Tinker tossed to Lenny Nos. 1 and 2 of Appeals to Operatives, and the peasant took them up gratefully.
  • Leona They were already within a few paces of this rock, when the mule-which, as we have stated, was in the front- suddenly stopped, showing such symptoms of terror that Dona Isidora and the little Leona both shrieked!
  • Lina
  • Lon
  • Len Forgive me, Len,-you know when I haven't seen you for ages I have to tell you what I think of you.
  • Leann Men Are Like Buses - Bonnie Bishop Only Glory - Leann Atherton and Jay Patterson Send Me a Cowboy - Bonnie Bishop Long Way Home (2004) Send Me a Cowboy Goin Back to Texas In the Mirror Long Way Home One of a Kind (The Waltz) Men Are Like Buses If I Needed You - Townes Van Zandt Simple House Sweet on the Down Low Friend of Mine Woman Willing to Wait Wayfaring Stranger Soft to the Touch (2005) Love Never Knows Trains The House That Jack Built Soft To The Touch Something The Doctor Didnt Order Brent Rollins He Took Me To The River I Must Want It Bad Give It Up To Me Red Moon Stillhouse Fallen Angel Bonnie Bishop and Friends: Live at Magnolia Avenue (2006) Sweet On The Downlow Stillhouse Fallen Angel Friend Almost Like Home Soft To The Touch If I Needed You Fort Worth Trains Brent Brent Rollins You Dont Know Me Jesus Friend Of Mine Bruce The Things I Know House That Jack Built Red Moon Everly Lane Priest You Dont Laugh Anymore Mavericks Fire And Rain Send Me A Cowboy Something The Doctor Didnt Order Things I Know (2009) Think I Will Lucky Ones Take Care of Me Virginia Little By Little Things I Know Almost Like Home Give Me Away River of Joy Shattered Intro Shattered Every Time You Come Around Free (2012) Keep Using Me Shrinking Violet Free Bad Seed World Like This The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts Right Where You Are Bad Seed (Acoustic Version) Aint Who I Was (2016) Mercy Be With You Looking For You Done Died Poor Mans Melody Broken Too Late Aint Who I Was Not Cause I Wanted To You Will Be Loved
  • LN

39 words made from the letters leign

4 letter words made from leign:

egin, egli, gien, lnge, legi, engi, line, igel, lien, inge, inle, ling, lein, nile, nige, gnel, glen, leni, giel.

5 letter words made from leign:

eling, eglin, linge, ligne, legin, ingel, lenig, genil, gelin.

3 letter words made from leign:

gel, gen, gin, leg, lie, enl, nig, lei, ige, nil, lin.

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