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How to spell LIEVES correctly?

If "lieves" is a misspelling, the word "lives" would be a valid correction. "Lives" is the plural form of "life" and is commonly used to indicate multiple existences or the duration of a person's existence. It is essential to pay attention to spelling to ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lieves correctly

  • believes
  • EVES She waited on the porch, watching the sun slowly set on the eves of their first anniversary.
  • ives
  • laves
  • Leaves
  • lees The winemaker carefully removed the lees from the barrel before bottling the wine.
  • levee The town built a levee to protect against flooding from the river.
  • levees The levees were built to prevent flooding during hurricane season.
  • levels In the game levels are a way to keep players engaged.
  • lever The crow used a stick as a lever to extract insects from the tree bark.
  • levers The levers allow you to lift the heavy objects.
  • Levies The government levies taxes on all its citizens to fund public services.
  • levis
  • lieges The king's loyal lieges were always ready to defend his kingdom.
  • lies
  • live
  • livens Adding colors to the room livens up the entire space.
  • liver The liver helps to process food in the body.
  • livers It is important to properly cook meat to eliminate any harmful bacteria that may be present in the livers.
  • Lives
  • Loaves The bakery made a fresh batch of loaves every morning.
  • Loves
  • Nieves Nieves is a Spanish name meaning "foggy.
  • olives I love to snack on olives when watching a movie.
  • relieves The medication relieves the sneezing and itching caused by allergies.
  • sieves The baker uses sieves to sift the flour before making the cake batter.
  • sleeves

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