Correct spelling for LIMITITATION

We think the word limititation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for limititation

  • Imitation
  • In the drawing-room miss bell was sketching monsters in imitation of leonard.

  • Mitigation
  • All his piteous petitions addressed to wyverne in after days to induce the latter to obtain a mitigation of his punishment, remained absolutely unanswered.

  • Delimitation
  • Disputes - international: maritime delimitation and resource sharing agreements signed with east timor resolve dispute over "timor gap" hydrocarbon reserves; no agreement reached on dividing timor sea with indonesia (see ashmore and cartier islands disputes); australia asserts a territorial claim to antarctica and to its continental shelf (see antarctica)

  • Litigation
  • Litigation was expensive, so men relied increasingly on the protection of the great men of their neighborhood and less on the king's courts for the safety of their lives and land.

  • Meditation
  • After mrs connor had gone, joy was for a long time in meditation, and then turned in a mechanical manner to her delayed task.

  • Lamentation
  • I felt the full force of the lamentation of the poet- truths would you teach, or save a sinking land; all fear, none aid you, and few understand.

  • Limitations
  • But my mate howie has his obvious limitations.

  • Limitation
  • If we understand that an extreme case may have been taken for the genuine and pure form, even so we do not comprehend the ground of its geographical limitation and location; for wherever dark, woolly-haired men dwell, this ugly type also crops up.

318 words made from the letters limititation

3 letter words made from limititation:

lot, ani, tom, aim, mal, nit, ton, mao, tia, tat, ion, nim, tot, alt, ail, lin, ola, tnt, mol, not, lan, lii, tan, man, tai, tin, atm, mat, lao, oat, ilo, lat, tam, tao, moa, nil, oil, olm, imo, ali, mil, min, ant, iii, lam, tit, mon, ain, mit, mot, lit.

5 letter words made from limititation:

malto, tanii, mailo, minoa, tiano, motia, aimin, taimi, miano, altom, inami, titan, atoni, milot, ianto, mottl, liman, amlin, minto, milia, milan, omnia, nilam, titta, totma, amini, maili, limno, olian, linam, atlin, altit, itami, maoli, tamol, manti, motat, timna, nilai, tilia, talmo, molin, tonti, tanit, tonal, tatti, amino, mantl, liton, total, totti, tanti, maini, imoni, amnio, matlo, atilt, lotan, tamil, naoml, otman, nomal, aiton, intil, minal, motta, limin, altin, itaim, niota, miina, namoi, aloni, natto, imola, otani, nitai, imino, monia, maton, miani, laino, lanio, naito, monta, tolai, latin, atlit, naomi, moita, malti, nital, olami, matto, anmol, talon, titon, nimal, tinio, liani, ionia, titin, tamon, totin, ilion, aioli, taito, latio, monal, nomia, lamon, amont, mlita, amnii, imano, milat, tatin, ilian, lamno, titlo, tolan, limit, linta, alito, totta, mitti, limia, tolin, monti, ional, ation, talmi, amott, tinta, tatoi, mitta, imina, mlitt, notti, animo, talim, natio, ilina, timan, malon, tinti, omani, nitti, litai, tiant, motti, taint, talit, milon, nitto, tolna, titia, olman, timia, maino, lanto, notat, antim, nimit, niimi, omitt, olaim, tanto, tamin, litan.

4 letter words made from limititation: