Correct spelling for LIMTIATIONS

We think the word limtiations is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for limtiations

  • Imitations
  • Next he fashioned clumsy imitations of stirrups, and there was a long fight between sally and stirrups, but the stirrups, being inanimate, won, and sally submitted to the bouncing wooden things at her sides.

  • Inklike
  • Limitations
  • Great as were the gifts of the artist, it was not to be expected that these would be pursued in lines not consistent with the limitations of his temperament.

  • Libations
  • We were occupied a whole hour in these pleasures, but zenobia, in the flower of her age and a novice, poured forth many more libations than i. just as i lost life for the third time, and zenobia for the fourteenth, i heard the count's voice.

  • Eliminations
  • Following android 17 distracting toppo to allow gohan to aid frieza against dyspo, and gohan and dyspos eliminations, android 17 teams up with frieza against toppo, and the two are hit by an attack from jiren, allowing toppo to fight vegeta.

  • Limitation
  • The limitation will prove to be in us rather than in the material of literature.

559 words made from the letters limtiations

3 letter words made from limtiations:

mal, atm, alt, tan, mls, imo, lan, min, mst, lao, mit, asl, tit, not, mat, iii, lot, ton, man, sin, tai, ion, mil, tam, mis, tin, mot, iso, stm, sit, ali, tnt, tao, sam, ani, ans, ilo, lii, olm, sol, ant, oas, lin, lam, tia, ain, oat, sot, mon, aim, nil, als, ism, nim, tot, ola, oil, tom, moa, som, lit, ail, mol, nit, tat, lat, sat, son, mao.

5 letter words made from limtiations:

anios, iltis, mitta, moits, maist, naito, moils, limia, laino, linta, moats, mints, imoni, limin, insta, anmol, altit, astin, laois, misan, lanio, imina, itals, matlo, minoa, atoni, lamos, maton, altom, namoi, imson, motia, altin, mlitt, natio, lamon, latin, amlin, isola, mottl, mosin, imsai, isnot, intil, moans, masto, aioli, imano, almos, malti, lotan, aliso, latio, itaim, maili, ionia, iotas, imola, misao, aslin, ismai, alist, asnom, miina, misal, natos, matos, loams, amnii, limno, natto, moins, monta, ilsan, minto, alson, amtso, aints, litsa, monti, limns, animo, ional, misna, mailo, manso, listo, milat, monia, milan, ainsi, aloni, mitti, miano, lason, minos, nilai, aimin, moisi, amont, islam, malto, misia, lotas, atoms, ilian, molin, asilo, amnio, lasmo, liton, loans, minsi, ilion, liman, mosta, motti, maoli, manis, moita, miani, mnisi, maino, lonas, moist, mansi, liani, itami, milon, matto, linam, alost, ilina, limit, isami, amott, naomi, inmos, milot, litas, masin, milts, alito, isitt, aiton, niimi, lanos, niais, mlita, aliis, misto, litai, amini, imino, minal, antos, milia, manti, nails, lanto, anisi, monas, aisin, ianto, lamno, naoml, moais, motat, antim, losin, litan, milas, amino, manos, motta, loins, mosan, loast, amins, nasim, monis, monal, mason, malon, nilam, maini, misla, motts, lants, atlit, limas, altis, laios, atilt, ation, mosla, lints, mantl, atlin, inami.