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How to spell LISRING correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "lisring" instead of "listing", a few correct suggestions may include auto-correcting to "listing" or manually typing out the correct spelling. Other options include using spell-check or searching for synonyms to help determine if "lisring" is the correct spelling for a particular word or phrase.

List of suggestions on how to spell lisring correctly

  • lasting The impact of his words proved to be lasting on her mind.
  • leering The creepy man was leering at me from across the street.
  • Lisping The child's lisping speech made it difficult for others to understand him.
  • listing I'm going through the online listing of job openings to find one that matches my qualifications.
  • losing I'm losing my concentration due to the loud noise around me.
  • louring The louring sky promised a storm was coming.
  • Luring The bright colors on the advertisement were luring customers into the store.
  • Lusting He couldn't help but feel lusting for her every time she walked into the room.
  • Siring After dinner, the adults played a game of Siring.

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