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How to spell LOOEKED correctly?

The correct spelling for "looeked" is "looked". Suggestions to avoid this misspelling include using spellcheck, proofreading, and practicing proper spelling regularly. Using mnemonic devices, such as "look or you'll be crooked", can also be helpful.

List of suggestions on how to spell looeked correctly

  • booked I have already booked our hotel rooms for the upcoming trip.
  • cooked I had my favourite dish cooked by my mother.
  • hooked Ever since I tried surfing for the first time, I've been hooked on the feeling of riding a wave.
  • locked
  • Looked She looked at me, surprised.
  • looker She was always considered a looker with her gorgeous features and stunning appearance.
  • Loomed The room loomed darker and darker.
  • looped I looped the ribbon around the gift and tied it into a bow.
  • Loosed
  • looted The store was looted during the riot, leaving behind only empty shelves and broken glass.
  • Rooked The room was rooked and the security footage was confiscated.

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