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How to spell LOOSLY correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "loosly" instead of "loosely", don't fret! Autocorrect errors happen to the best of us. Ensure accuracy by double-checking your spelling and make the necessary correction. By correcting the misspelling to "loosely", you'll avoid confusion and maintain clear communication in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell loosly correctly

  • lolly He bought a lolly from the ice cream truck.
  • lonely I feel lonely lately.
  • loos I need to tighten the loos bolt on my bike before I can ride it again.
  • loose My shoelaces are loose and I need to tie them before I trip.
  • Loosed As soon as the dog loosed the ball, I ran to grab it.
  • loosely After we picked up the toys, she insisted on carrying them loosely in her hands.
  • loosen You should loosen the screws before opening the box.
  • looses He always looses his keys somewhere in the house.
  • lordly The lordly king sat on his throne, surveying his kingdom with satisfaction.
  • loudly She spoke loudly to make sure that everyone could hear her.
  • Lousily My car went quite slow on the interstate; I must have been driving lousily.
  • lousy It's a lousy day to be at work.
  • lovely The sun set behind the mountains, painting the sky a lovely shade of pink and orange.
  • lowly She saw him sitting below her on the bench, lowly staring up at her.

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