Correct spelling for LOOVED

We think the word looved is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for looved

  • gloved But the point of my scabbard struck against the battlements, forcing me outward; I stumbled, staggered, and swayed a moment, striving desperately to recover my balance; I felt my gloved fingers slipping along the smooth face of the parapet, my knees gave way with horror; then my fingers clutched something-an arm-and I swung back, slap against the parapet, hanging to that arm with all my weight.
  • leaved The west and the south doors, which are almost exactly alike, except that the south door is surmounted by a gable, have three shafts on each side with early-looking capitals and plain moulded archivolts, and within these, jambs moulded at the angles bearing an inner order whose flat face is carved with a series of circles enclosing four and five-leaved flowers.
  • livid When I went out, the livid face offered me a morning greeting.
  • lobed Pistillate flowers bracted with a three to five, normally four-lobed calyx and sometimes with petals.
  • looped She wore a chintz gown dyed with little red and yellow flowers that was looped up over the hips, and at her waist hung a bunch of heavy, wrought keys.
  • looted But on investigation it became clear that the waggon had been looted of the provisions and goods with which it was loaded and the oxen driven off.
  • looter
  • louver
  • love
  • loved
  • lover
  • moved
  • solved
  • Fooled She fell when she fooled with Christianity!"
  • Laved Half an hour later as the pirates, replete with provender, sat dangling their damaged underpinning over the stern railing where the gentle wavelets laved and cooled them, Captain Scraggs accompanied by the new navigating officer, the new engineer, and The Squarehead, came aft. The cripples looked up, surveyed their successors in office, and found the sight far from reassuring.
  • Levied At a time not very far distant, when the Spaniards conquered the country, the Ajetas levied a kind of black-mail from the Tagalese villages situated on the banks of the lake of Bay.
  • Lived You have lived with Miss Wesden-you understand her-you have loved her.
  • Loafed And the "vaquero" loafed and smoked many cigarettes while the glowing eyes of Anita shone upon him with large sympathy.
  • Looked I looked for you!"
  • Loomed Gradually the coast loomed higher and higher through the gloom, and at length Pharaoh pulled in his oars, and stood up in the bow to look around him.
  • Loosed Then, at a given word, the stiff bows which these hardy people used against the lion and the buffalo upon their hills were drawn to the ear and loosed again and again with terrible effect.
  • Loped
  • Lowed
  • Roved
  • Lofted "I lofted vigorously, and, fortunately, my ball soared up into the air; it landed, and it rolled right on to the putting green.
  • Lovey
  • Loves

45 words made from the letters looved

4 letter words made from looved:

looe, delv, oleo, dole, love, delo, dolo, vole, veld, doel, dove, deol, lode, odel, ovel, levo, odol, olde, odle, volo, oedo, vode, lovo, odeo, velo.

5 letter words made from looved:

dolev, dovel, devol, oodle, voled, loved, voloe.

3 letter words made from looved:

doe, ode, oed, lev, dle, dol, old, led, edo, loo, evl, eld, leo.

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