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How to spell LOOWED correctly?

If you find yourself constantly misspelling the word "loowed", fear not! The correct suggestions for this misspelling could be "allowed" or "lowed". Remember to double-check your spelling and consult a dictionary if in doubt to ensure accurate writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell loowed correctly

  • Allowed I am not allowed to eat snacks before dinner.
  • bowed She bowed her head in reverence.
  • cowed The bully's threats initially cowed the victim into submitting to his demands.
  • Flowed
  • Glowed The stars in the midnight sky glowed with an ethereal light.
  • loaded The truck was loaded with pallets of goods ready to be delivered to the warehouse.
  • Loafed I loafed around the house all day and got nothing done.
  • Loaned
  • Lobbed He lobbed the tennis ball over the net for a winning shot.
  • lobed The leaves of the oak tree are lobed.
  • locked
  • locoweed The rancher had to pull the locoweed out of the pasture to protect his cattle from getting sick.
  • Lodged I lodged my complaint with the customer service representative.
  • loewe
  • Logged
  • Lolled She lolled on the couch all day watching TV.
  • Looked She looked at herself in the mirror and realized how much she had aged.
  • Loomed As the deadline for the project loomed closer, the team worked tirelessly to complete it on time.
  • looped The ribbon was looped around the gift, creating a neat bow at the top.
  • Loosed
  • looted
  • looter Police are searching for a looter after a group of people ransacked a convenience store.
  • Loped The horse loped along the trail, making the ride enjoyable for its rider.
  • lopped The gardener lopped off the dead branches from the tree with a pruning saw.
  • Lorded She lorded over her employees and never let them forget who was in charge.
  • loused The whole project was loused up because someone missed a crucial step.
  • loved She loved the feeling of the sun on her face.
  • Lowe Tom regrets purchasing a Lowe's home improvement kit.
  • Lowed I'm not going to town, I've got to lowed it.
  • lower I will lower the collar of my shirt so that it does not show off my neck.
  • meowed I meowed for help and my owner came over to see what was wrong.
  • mowed After I mowed the lawn, I felt satisfied with how it looked.
  • owed I owed my friend $20 for dinner last night.
  • plowed I'm going to plowed the field before the snowfall.
  • Rowed He rowed across the lake with his strong arms.
  • showed She showed her appreciation by bringing a homemade cake to the party.
  • Slowed My foot was slowed by the mud.
  • sowed She sowed the seeds of kindness by volunteering at the local shelter.
  • Towed My car was towed last night.
  • Vowed I vowed to never eat animal products again.
  • Wooed John wooed his girlfriend with flowers and chocolates to impress her.
  • wowed I was wowed by the stunning view from the top of the mountain.

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