Correct spelling for LOUFFA

We think the word louffa is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for louffa

  • Loft(Definition of loft)
  • I went out again to look at the roof, getting as close as i could to the sides of the loft.

  • Fluff(Definition of fluff)
  • He was self-possessed; impressively attentive to ladies, both young and old, and suave to gentlemen; healthy as a wild stag, and happy as a young cricket, with a budding moustache and a "fluff" on either cheek.

  • Leif
  • So he was eager to go with leif upon this adventurous voyage.

  • Lough(Definition of lough)
  • Huff(Definition of huff)
  • She noted, even in the half-light, a flush on her mother's temples, and guessed at once that there had been a duel of tempers on the road, and that, likely enough, papa had bounced into the house in a huff.

  • Buff(Definition of buff)
  • "buff, we're in for a storm.

  • Hoffa
  • Hoffa (1992) – based on the life of the teamsters union leader jimmy hoffa before his disappearance in 1975.

  • Loaf(Definition of loaf)
  • On the bare deal table was a half-finished meal-a loaf of bread, cheese, butter, an empty whisky bottle lying on its side.

  • Ufa
  • Louisa
  • Guffaw(Definition of guffaw)
  • He broke into a loud guffaw, and turned to josh.

  • Loud(Definition of loud)
  • And all that noise, as of a rushing crowd, With groans, and tremulous shudderings--all is over-- It tells another tale, with sounds less deep and loud ! [Image]A tale of less affright,

    – Dejection: An Ode by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Lief(Definition of lief)
  • I was going to ask you if you had just as lief go as not.

  • Bluff(Definition of bluff)
  • No, the letter was only a bluff.

  • Guff
  • Occasionally jim and bill when nobody listens office mottoes metaphysics heads and tails an election night pantoum i can not pay that premium three authors to quotation melodrama a poor excuse, but our own monotonous variety the amateur botanist a word for it the poem speaks bedbooks a new york child's garden of verses downward, come downward speaking of hunting the flat hunter's way birds and bards a wish-an apartmental ditty the monument of q. h. f. us poets wordsworth wrote some tawdry stuff; much of moore i have forgotten; parts of tennyson are guff; bits of byron, too, are rotten.

  • Toff(Definition of toff)
  • Lout(Definition of lout)
  • Lofty(Definition of lofty)
  • "i hope you won't suspect a gentleman again," said the thief, in lofty indignation.

  • Pouffe(Definition of pouffe)
  • Off(Definition of off)
  • Lava(Definition of lava)
  • Iceland moss is found on the lava plains.

  • Lola
  • And they call thee lola, surely, as the custom is?

  • Ruff(Definition of ruff)
  • Lour(Definition of lour)
  • Fluffy(Definition of fluffy)
  • A second later, her fluffy sheepdog was lost in the rain.

  • Goff
  • On others of these trips i went with men who were either temporarily, like john willis, or permanently, like tazewell woody and john goff, professional guides and hunters.

  • Luffed(Definition of Luffed)
  • Duff(Definition of duff)
  • I crossed over to brownsville at 11.30, and dined with colonels luckett, buchel, and duff, at about one o'clock.

  • Lula
  • Wolff
  • Luff(Definition of luff)
  • Sulfa
  • Lou
  • Love(Definition of love)
  • Loafs
  • Down the incline of the courtyard, where boccaccio may well have whispered guilty secrets to his anjou princess, there loafs a hawker with his donkey, his head thrown back, his brown hat tilted picturesquely, bawling with iron throat the praises of his leeks and cabbages, while the donkey creeps on cautiously over the broken stones.

  • Loafer(Definition of loafer)
  • It ain't fer sech as me to say when there's courtin' and when there ain't, after havin' gone well nigh onto five year with a country loafer what ain't never said nothin'.

  • Life(Definition of life)
  • Up, and run for your life!

  • Lora
  • Loofah(Definition of loofah)
  • Louie
  • Hoff
  • 12mo, 0 50 hoff, j. n. paint and varnish facts and formulas.

  • Doff(Definition of doff)
  • There was no gainsaying who was the object of her smiles:-it was jim langford and jim alone, and there was nothing left for either him or phil to do but to doff their hats and wait the lady's good pleasure.

  • Luna
  • Leaf(Definition of leaf)
  • From this day forth, i turn over a new leaf, i become a reasonable man, i put water in my wine; and, for a beginning, i will go and dine for thirty-two sous."

  • Louver(Definition of louver)
  • Cuff(Definition of cuff)
  • When old man coyote ran into him, he growled a deep, provoked growl and whirled around with one big paw raised to cuff whoever had so nearly upset him.

  • Pouf(Definition of pouf)
  • Puff(Definition of puff)
  • Sofa(Definition of sofa)

26 words made from the letters louffa

3 letter words made from louffa:

ufa, luo, afl, oaf, lao, ola, fao, ufo, flu, off.

5 letter words made from louffa:

offal, foula, afoul, luffa.

4 letter words made from louffa:

fluo, fula, luff, loaf, lauf, foal, oluf, foul, fufa, alou, fola, fulf.