Correct spelling for LOYLTY

We think the word loylty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for loylty

  • bolt "Well, the black feller, he came in-very slow, pulling his blanket up to his chin, and looking like a young horse all ready to bolt in a minnit.
  • colt It was one chill November evening, toward Thanksgiving day, that she and Robbie had wandered out among the mountain paths; the little fellow was wild as a colt and ran here and there until it was all Katie could do to keep track of him.
  • dolt It will be a great day for education when we all have learned that the genius and the dolt can only be educated-at different rates of speed-in exactly the same way.
  • jolt Lawd, this is a jolt!
  • laity In former times the Brahman was supposed to confine himself to priestly duties, learning the Vedas and giving instruction to the laity.
  • lilt The very lilt of the air made itself felt.
  • lily He certainly did not want to see Brett, he told himself as Lily finally held the door open.
  • locality If the locality is subject to cold wind, snow and ice, attention must be given to sides and floors.
  • loft We went down from the loft in a thoughtful mood.
  • lofty At Raunds the thirteenth century south aisle was always broad and lofty, and must have had its own roof from the first.
  • loll Do not loll on the bed.
  • lolly Born Emil Joseph Bavasi in Manhattan, New York City, his sister, Iola (" Lolly"), nicknamed him Buzzie because his mother said he was "always buzzing around.
  • loot "Weel, jist sit doon there, and carry on frae whaur ye loot sit.
  • lordly "Oh, if you like," said Rupert, in a lordly way.
  • lost O loved and lost, and loved the more when lost!
  • lot And a lot of other people.
  • lotto LORENZO LOTTO The Glorification of S. Nicholas Venice: S. Maria del Carmine 262
  • lout For to this teaching his more recent writings plainly tend; and alike in Tess and Life's Little Ironies the part played by the "President of the Immortals" is no sublimer-save in the amount of force exerted-than that of a lout who pulls a chair suddenly from under an old woman.
  • lowly Disappointed and tired, I was approaching my shelter quite off my guard when I suddenly discovered the king of the forest himself just coming out of my lowly dwelling and sniffing all around the entrance to it.
  • loyalty The government has no reason to suspect your loyalty."
  • lully That woe is me, poor child for thee! And ever morn and day, For thy parting neither say nor sing, By, by, lully, lallay.
  • lyly English gentlewomen are prodigies of wisdom and beauty; and indeed that is the least Lyly can say of them, since it is for them that he is writing.
  • molt The difference in pattern of color between specimens taken in autumn and spring is known to some fur-trappers of my acquaintance who have suggested that molt occurs in spring, whereas the individual hairs change color in autumn.
  • polity Thus the powers which are requisite for establishing and perpetuating this polity were recorded as having been conveyed to the Apostles under general heads.
  • volt The E. M. variations resulting from stimulus range, as has been said, from .4 volt to .01 of that value, according to the metal employed.
  • zloty In the year 2008 coins were launched in the series: "Animals of the World", "Monuments of Material Culture in Poland" (previously "Castles and Palaces in Poland"), "Polish Painters of the Turn of 19th and 20th Centuries", "The Polish Calendar of Tradition
  • Holt But a forward pass finally went to a Claflin end instead of Holt and the tables were suddenly turned.
  • Lolled The squat man still lolled in his saddle, facing to the right.
  • Lyle It was a kindly thought, but Raymond Lyle, who was a confirmed bachelor living under his self-willed sister's wing, had evidently guessed my interest and remembered the incident of the jibbing team.
  • Lola " Lola," she asked, perturbed, "you don't pray to Tersookey, do you?"
  • Loyd "O Loyd, my husband," the voice resumed, "can you not believe that it is I, Paula, your wife?"
  • Layla Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker Lisa Coleman as Cam Lawson Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan Montanna Thompson as Justine Littlewood Nisha Nayar as Elaine Boyak Clive Rowe as Duke Ellington Chelsie Padley as Louise Govern Ciaran Joyce as Lol Plakova Ben Hanson as Bouncer Plakova Chloe Hibbert-Waters as Dolly James Cartwright as Nathan Jones Darragh Mortell as Crash Cara Readle as Layla Jack Edwards as Marco Maloney Abby Rakic-Platt as Jackie Hopper Kristal Lau as Hayley Nicola Reynolds as Shelley Appelton William Tomlin as Michael Grice
  • Lilly "Don't let on, Lilly.
  • LOTT Broken Arrow (1996 film), an action film starring John Travolta, Christian Slater and directed by John Woo Broken Arrows (film), a 2007 drama film Music Broken Arrow, a Canadian band featuring Paul Humphrey Broken Arrow (band), a band from Los Angeles, California Broken Arrow (album), a 1996 album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse Songs "Broken Arrow" (Buffalo Springfield song), a song by Buffalo Springfield from the 1967 album Buffalo Springfield Again "Broken Arrow" (Pixie Lott song), a song by Pixie Lott from her 2010 album Turn It Up Louder "Broken Arrow" (Robbie Robertson song), a song by Robbie Robertson on the 1987 album Robbie Robertson, covered by Rod Stewart and Ruin/Renewal "Broken Arrow", a 1959 single by Chuck Berry "Broken Arrows" (song), a song by Avicii from his 2015 album Stories "Broken Arrows", a song by Daughtry from their 2013 album Baptized "Aka.
  • lilts Hae ye been in the North, bonnie lassie, Whaur Glaizert rins pure frae the fell, Whaur the straight stately beech staun's sae gaucy, An' luve lilts his tale through the dell? O! then ye maun ken o' my Jessie, Sae blythesome, sae bonnie an' braw; The lassies hae doubts about Jessie, Her charms steal their luvers awa'.
  • loudly Yet they were not discouraged; loudly their cry re-echoed, "Montjoie!

9 words made from the letters loylty

4 letter words made from loylty:

lyly, tylo, lyot, olly, toll, lloy.

3 letter words made from loylty:

toy, lot.

5 letter words made from loylty:


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