Correct spelling for LTAKE

We think the word ltake is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ltake

  • lade Yet notwithstanding the abundance that the shippes carie away yeerely, there remaine heapes like hilles, some heapes able to lade nine or tenne shippes, and there are heapes of two yeeres gathering, some of three and some of nine or tenne yeeres making, to the value of a great somme of golde, and when the ships do lade, they neuer take it by measure, but when they come at Venice they measure it. This salt as it lyeth in the pit is like so much ice, and it is sixe inches thicke: they digge it with axes, and cause their slaues to cary it to the heapes.
  • lake Since those London days when they had first met him Lake had made great progress toward the fulfilment of his ambition.
  • late What do you think, then, keeps him in town so late?"
  • leak Wherein worthy Martin quits him like a man, I warrant you in the modest defence of his self and his learned pistles, and makes the Cooper's hoops to fly off, and the bishops' tubs to leak out of all cry.
  • leakey Mary Leakey (1913–1996) British; archaeologist and paleoanthropologist, Africa Richard Leakey (born 1944) Kenyan; paleoanthropology, Africa Edward Thurlow Leeds (1877–1955) British; Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum 1928–1945 Charles Lenormant (1802–1859) French; Egypt, Greece, Middle East François Lenormant (1837–1883) French; Assyriologist Mark P.
  • leaky There was nothing to remind us of the world that had separated us, except that old and leaky boat we had drawn up upon the stones at the limpid water's edge.
  • like This looks like Mr Offmunson."
  • locke 219; plans of, of Locke and others, designed for the higher class, ii.
  • luke 1 25 Luke Walton .
  • retake The rebels made three different charges to retake the line, but were foiled in every attempt, our men mowing them down like grass, as they lay piled on each other three and four deep; this was called the slaughter pen; the 1st New Jersey suffered severely in this charge.
  • stage My old friend Arabella, ready and anxious to serve me-and a sinking at this poor fellow's heart when he knew, if he once lost the trace of you, he might lose it for ever-there's the situation, as they call it on the stage.
  • stake So, bidding his mother farewell, Peredur mounted his horse, and took in his hand a long, sharp-pointed stake.
  • stoke Her father, Oswald Leycester, Rector of Stoke-upon-Terne in Shropshire, was a finished scholar, had travelled much, and was the most agreeable of companions.
  • take You'll take something with me before you go?
  • taker He would hardly have implicated, out of pure malignity, his grandfather's old servant, who had been his own care-taker for many years.
  • toke And Abram and Nahor toke them wyves.
  • tyke "I did but come to ask after the tyke," he said, "Is he gettin' over his lameness?"
  • Betake "If you think so you had better betake yourself to the prince; I know nothing about it.
  • Leaked His neighbours stared and shook their heads when it leaked out on what terms he had taken the lease.
  • latte Flag: blue with a white five-pointed star superimposed on the gray silhouette of a latte stone (a traditional foundation stone used in building) in the center

34 words made from the letters ltake

3 letter words made from ltake:

alt, kea, let, lek, lea, ate, tea, elk, eta, ale, eat, lat.

4 letter words made from ltake:

etak, atle, keal, ekta, take, kelt, kale, ktla, lake, teal, tael, late, leak, teak, klet, talk, tale, leka.

5 letter words made from ltake:

latke, ketal, kalte, klate.

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