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How to spell LUXES correctly?

If you're wondering how to correct the misspelling "luxes", here are a few suggestions to consider. First, try "luxes" spelled as "luxury". Another possibility is using "luxes" as "lux" or "luxur". Alternatively, stick to the correct spelling of "luxes" if it's referring to an uncommon term or name.

List of suggestions on how to spell luxes correctly

  • Axes I found the axes in the toolbox.
  • flexes The athlete flexes his muscles before the competition.
  • laces He tied the laces of his sneakers before heading out for his morning jog.
  • lakes I love spending summer weekends canoeing on the clear blue lakes up north.
  • Lexer The Lexer class is responsible for converting the source code into a sequence of tokens.
  • lexis The word "lexis" is derived from the Ancient Greek word leksis, meaning "competence.
  • Lexus Lexus is a Japanese car manufacturer.
  • likes
  • loges The opera house had ornate loges for the wealthy and well-connected patrons.
  • loses She usually loses her keys at least once a week.
  • lubes I need some lubes to seal the deal.
  • lucas My aunt's new husband is named Lucas.
  • lugs He lugs his heavy backpack on his shoulders every day to school.
  • lures I can't help but to be intrigued by the lures in the store window.
  • lurks An eerie silence lurks in the abandoned house.
  • lutes During the Renaissance, lutes were one of the most popular and widely used instruments in European music.
  • lynxes Lynxes are elusive and solitary animals that thrive in remote, wooded areas.
  • tuxes Due to the cold weather, they decided to wear their tuxes.

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