Correct spelling for MEDIL

We think the word medil is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for medil

  • madly I love her madly; she knows it, and, intelligent as she is, she must have meant to shew her contempt for me by doing what she has done.
  • mail The mail packet brought the bad news, I suppose?"
  • meal Of course, after that meal I went home, and next mornin', when I opened the door, blow me!
  • med Whatever Med Service may be!
  • medal But Churchill never was a medal hunter.
  • meddle "I have no business to meddle with your tastes.
  • meddler On one sole point the ghosts agreed One fearful point, than which, indeed, Nothing could seem absurder; Poor Colonel Jones they all abused And finally downright accused The poor old man of murder; 'Twas thus; by dreadful raps was shown Some spirit's longing to make known A bloody fact, which he alone 760 Was privy to, (such ghosts more prone In Earth's affairs to meddle are;) Who are you? with awe-stricken looks, All ask: his airy knuckles he crooks, And raps, 'I was Eliab Snooks, That used to be a pedler; Some on ye still are on my books!' Whereat, to inconspicuous nooks, (More fearing this than common spooks) Shrank each indebted meddler; Further the vengeful ghost declared 771 That while his earthly life was spared, About the country he had fared, A duly licensed follower Of that much-wandering trade that wins Slow profit from the sale of tins And various kinds of hollow-ware; That Colonel Jones enticed him in, Pretending that he wanted tin, There slew him with a rolling-pin, Hid him in a potato-bin, 781 And (the same night) him ferried Across Great Pond to t'other shore, And there, on land of Widow Moore, Just where you turn to Larkin's store, Under a rock him buried; Some friends (who happened to be by) He called upon to testify That what he said was not a lie, And that he did not stir this 790 Foul matter, out of any spite But from a simple love of right; - Which statements the Nine Worthies, Rabbi Akiba, Charlemagne, Seth, Golley Gibber, General Wayne, Cambyses, Tasso, Tubal-Cain, The owner of a castle in Spain, Jehanghire, and the Widow of Nain, (The friends aforesaid,) made more plain And by loud raps attested; 800 To the same purport testified Plato, John Wilkes, and Colonel Pride Who knew said Snooks before he died, Had in his wares invested, Thought him entitled to belief And freely could concur, in brief, In everything the rest did.
  • medea The Argonauts would have drawn the ship close and would have sprung upon the island only that Medea cried out to them.
  • media Those who could not find infallibility in a State Church went over to Rome, abandoning the Via Media; others were content with the high sacramental position of Anglicanism; the moderate Rationalists took shelter with the Broad Church; a few retreated into the cloudy refuge of transcendental idealism.
  • medial The medial division passes medial to the medial head of M. flexor perforatus digiti III, sends a twig to the lateral surface of M. gastrocnemius pars media, then passes into the shank musculature between Mm. plantaris and flexor hallucis longus, and sends a branch along the medial edge of M. flexor hallucis longus that gives several twigs into this muscle before terminating nonmuscularly.
  • medially The suture placed in the arytenoid adduction procedure mimics the action of the lateral cricoarytenoid muscle and pulls the vocal process of the arytenoid cartilage medially and inferiorly.
  • median The Master led the way toward this median corridor.
  • medic Ali had devised a method of protection for the empty suit the Medic would wear-had that held?
  • medical When the medical gentlemen heard what it was, the medical gentlemen came crowding round me.
  • medici Was invited to the Grand Ducal Court of Tuscany by Cosmo de Medici, and appointed philosopher to that personage.
  • medico The Medico had furnished his subterranean apartments with furniture removed from the house above.
  • medina On the 10th June, the Duke of Medina Coeli; with a fleet of more than forty sail, arrived off Blankenburg, intending to enter the Scheld.
  • medium He is a very important chief, but knew no English, and we carried on our conversation through the medium of Masirewa.
  • medley It had all been a medley of impressions and experiences-everything transient, nothing lasting, but the big untidy man who was her all.
  • medulla This, too, is beyond the control of the will, and is brought about by the vaso-motor nerves of the sympathetic system through a reflex arrangement, the center for which is the medulla oblongata.
  • mendel MENDEL There will always be the scar on his shoulder to remind him-whenever the wound twinges, it brings up these terrible faces and visions.
  • menial I have served gov'ment twentee-four years, and now Mr. Hawkshawe he sends for me and tells me before a menial servant that I know nothing.
  • metal Then the air seemed filled with a rain of small missiles-stones, dirt, gravel and pieces of metal.
  • mettle My name is John Little, a man of good mettle, Ne'er doubt me for I'll play my part."
  • mewl
  • middle
  • midi
  • mil
  • modal
  • model
  • module
  • moil
  • moodily
  • motile
  • muddle
  • Muddily
  • Mel Mrs. Mel was heard by the Countess to say: 'Her ladyship does not know how to treat madmen.
  • Medals I shall pay due attention to the instructions relative to the medals, and give any aid I can, in the case of Boss's vessel.
  • MEDIAS His surplice, his bands, his hood, his biretta were lying ready on a chair, so that, without loss of time, he might slip them on, hurry across the courtyard which divided the house from the church, and plunge at once in medias res.
  • modulo
  • redial

28 words made from the letters medil

4 letter words made from medil:

3 letter words made from medil:

dim, lei, eld, med, die, elm, mil, led, mid, lie, lid, mei, dle, lem.

5 letter words made from medil:

milde, dimel.

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