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How to spell MEDIL correctly?

The misspelling "medil" could possibly be corrected to "medical", "medieval" or "medulla". It would be important to have context on where the misspelling was found and what the intended word or meaning was. Using spell check or a dictionary could also provide additional correct suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell medil correctly

  • mail
  • meal I had a delicious meal of grilled chicken and roasted vegetables for dinner.
  • med
  • medal
  • Medals The athlete proudly wore his collection of medals around his neck.
  • meddle
  • medea Medea is a celebrated tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides.
  • media Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other.
  • medial
  • median The median income of the country has increased in the past decade.
  • MEDIAS The medias have the power to shape public opinion.
  • medic
  • medical I went to the medical center to get my flu shot.
  • medici The de' Medici family was a prominent banking family that rose to great power and influence in Renaissance-era Florence.
  • medico The medico examined my throat and prescribed some medication for my sore throat.
  • medina The medina in Marrakesh is a bustling maze of narrow streets and vendors selling goods.
  • medium I prefer my steak to be cooked to a medium temperature.
  • Mel Mel is a popular abbreviation for the name Melissa.
  • mendel
  • menial I don't mind doing menial tasks such as sweeping and taking out the trash.
  • metal The metal shelves in the garage were rusted and needed replacing.
  • mewl
  • midi I've never heard of a midi song.
  • mil The new submarine has a maximum speed of 30 knots or 34.5 mil per hour.
  • modal "I need to use the modal verb 'should' to give advice in this sentence.
  • model She aspires to be a model when she grows up.
  • moil The construction workers continued to moil in the hot sun, digging trenches for the new building's foundation.
  • redial

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