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How to spell MENATS correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "menats", fear not! It is likely a typographical error for the word "means". Double-check your text and replace "menats" with "means" for proper usage and clarity. Remember, small mistakes can easily be rectified with a diligent eye!

List of suggestions on how to spell menats correctly

  • bents Her bents were proving difficult to move.
  • CENTS I found a few cents on the ground and put them in my pocket.
  • dents The car had several dents on the hood from the hail storm.
  • gents The gents at the bar raised their glasses in celebration.
  • gnats I can't seem to get rid of the gnats.
  • Lents I went to the grocery store on Lents for eggs.
  • Mats I need a new mats for my dance studio.
  • means That means you're fired.
  • Meats The grocery store had a variety of meats to choose from.
  • meets John meets Mary on the street.
  • melts The snowman slowly melts as the sun rises higher in the sky.
  • menace The reckless driver was a menace to everyone on the road.
  • menaces The dark clouds overhead were clear menaces that threatened to ruin the picnic.
  • menages
  • Mends I'm going to the store to get some mends for my shirt.
  • Menes
  • menials The menials in the castle were tasked with cleaning and cooking for the noble family.
  • menus We need to look at the menus.
  • mints
  • moats The castle was surrounded by high walls and deep moats to keep invaders out.
  • mynas I have a flock of mynas in my backyard.
  • rents The landlord raised the rents of all the apartment units by 10%.
  • senates The United States and Australia both have senates that are part of their legislative branches.
  • tents A group of tents was pitched in the clearing.
  • vents The vents on the side of the craft allow air to flow in and out.

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