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How to spell MILLIIN correctly?

If you've unintentionally typed "milliin" instead of "million", fret not! Autocorrect might not always come to your rescue, but here are some correct suggestions to rectify the error. Remember, it's "million" – just one "i" between the two "l"s.

List of suggestions on how to spell milliin correctly

  • billion
  • Gillian Gillian is so excited to go on her first international vacation next month.
  • Gillion
  • Jillian I'm going to Jillian's party tonight.
  • Lillian Lillian had always loved the ocean.
  • Millie She had her little millie with her at the park.
  • millikan I use millikan to measure distance.
  • milling The milling of grain creates flour.
  • million
  • millions The company earned millions in profits last year.
  • mullein I mullein for the fever.
  • mullion He stood next to the window's single mullion, staring out at the garden.
  • pillion My mum is taking the pillion on her bike on the weekend.
  • villain The villain in the story was very mysterious.
  • villein The municipality is run by the villein class.
  • zillion My boss has a zillion things for me to do before the end of the day.

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