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How to spell MIRROWING correctly?

If you meant "mirroring", the correct spelling, try typing "mirror" then add "ing" to form a present participle. If this isn't the right word for what you're trying to convey, consider using synonyms like reflecting, duplicating or copying. You could also try rephrasing your sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell mirrowing correctly

  • borrowing I'll be borrowing my sister's car for the weekend.
  • Burrowing The rabbit spends most of its time burrowing in the ground.
  • farrowing The sow will soon enter the farrowing crate to give birth to her litter of piglets.
  • Furrowing The farmer was furrowing the soil for planting crops.
  • harrowing The harrowing experience of surviving a natural disaster can have a lasting impact on one's mental health.
  • Mirroring The therapist suggested that the couple try mirroring each other's words and feelings to improve communication.
  • narrowing The narrowing of the gap between the candidates will help to secure the win.
  • sorrowing The sorrowing mother could not stop weeping at her child's funeral.

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