How to spell MJOUR correctly?

We think the word mjour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell mjour correctly

  • coir Coir (/ˈkɔɪər/), or coconut fibre, is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses.
  • cur Half crouching, the cur was leading the way toward the dark, still woods on top of the hill, over which the Star of Bethlehem was lowly sinking, and under which lay a flock of the gentle creatures that seemed to have been almost sacred to the Lord of that Star.
  • jar It is a night-jar.
  • jog And after we went through Machinery Hall we went through the machine shops, at a pretty good jog, and the power-house, where there is the biggest engine in the world-24,000 horse power.
  • joker He could not believe them without some basis, but the giant would never go further than vague talk of a "joker" or a card up his sleeve.
  • joy What joy he had with her at Morimond!
  • jug Jimbo upset the milk-jug.
  • major " Major Graham's servant told me that he was ill.
  • majors Cap'ns are plenty as June bugs, but Majors and Gen'rals are scarce.
  • maker I inquired eagerly for the tomb of Partridge, the almanack-maker and astrologer, and found it in the south-east corner, in a tottering condition.
  • manor The manor court imposed penalties on those who did not perform their services to the manor and the lord wrote down the customs of the manor for future use in other courts.
  • mao Anopheles pullus Yamada 1937 Anopheles sinensis* Wiedemann 1828 Anopheles sineroides Yamada 1924 Anopheles xiaokuanus Ma 1981 Anopheles xui Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao 2007 Anopheles yatsushiroensis Miyazaki 1951 Subgroup Lesteri (Harrison 1972) Anopheles crawfordi Reid 1953 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu & Feng 1975 Anopheles lesteri de Meillon 1931 Anopheles paraliae Sandosham 1959 Anopheles peditaeniatus Leicester 1908 Anopheles vietnamensis Manh Hinh & Vien 1993 Subgroup Nigerrimus (Harrison 1972) Anopheles nigerrimus* Giles 1900 Anopheles nitidus Harrison, Scanlon & Reid 1973 Anopheles pseudosinensis Baisas 1935 Anopheles pursati Laveran 1902 Group Umbrosus (Reid 1950) Anopheles brevipalpis Roper 1914 Anopheles brevirostris Reid 1950 Anopheles hunteri Strickland 1916 Anopheles samarensis Rozeboom 1951 Anopheles similissimus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Subgroup Baezai (Rattanarithikul et al.
  • maori How happy it would have been for the Maori race, had all English captains who visited the Bay of Islands, been such men as Captain Livesay!
  • mar Liberty and Lord Mar!
  • mayor If you have ever thought you would like to be a king or queen, you go and be received by the mayor.
  • meir The Red Sea is the longest neck of all the ocean's.
  • minor The minor in my class is Bruce.
  • mo Everyone at the party was moshing.
  • mob The mobs were chanting my name.
  • mock
  • mod Bob is wearing a yellow Mod shirt.
  • mogul He was the illegitimate son of a Mogul emperor.
  • moire The pattern made the room look like an unraveling tapestry.
  • molar The molar mass of a molecule is 24.5 g/mol.
  • mom My mom is very worried about me.
  • mon
  • moo
  • moor
  • moore
  • mop
  • more I would like more of this soup.
  • morn I arose at dawn to greet the new day.
  • mot I need some mot for my car.
  • motor
  • moue The expression on her face made me want to moue in protest.
  • mourn
  • mouse
  • mouser
  • mousy I have a mousey roommate.
  • mouth
  • mover She's moving into my apartment on Monday.
  • mow
  • mower
  • mu Mu is a mathematical particle.
  • mud
  • mug I reached into the mug to get my hand out.
  • muir I'm from Muir, California.
  • mum My mum is always making me dinner.
  • murk The murky waters prevented us from seeing much of the bottom.
  • scour
  • Jo Thus five days had gone, until at last a wagon was brought to the door of the tailor-shop, and M'sieu' came out, leaning on the arm of Jo Portugais.
  • Joe Did you know Joe and Hepsey were going out to-night?
  • Mir Bringing my parents Mir from the airport.
  • Moe
  • Moira I met Moira in the library.
  • Moro
  • Mort He died of a mortally wound.
  • Mos Mosquitoes are everywhere!
  • Cor Hear Paul saying 1 Cor.
  • Maura Unfortunately Indie Rock Pete intentionally broke the backup CD, and Clango had to be restarted with an old boot disk from his days with Maura.
  • Joey Joey moved slowly toward the desk.
  • Mauro The most recent phylogeny of caecilians is based on molecular mitogenomic evidence examined by San Mauro et al.
  • moors
  • MGR Her mother always hoped she would marry a man with a great job like her father had.
  • MOI I am the mother of the child.
  • MOOG
  • moper
  • moues He moued his lips in a subtle smile.

List of 14 words made from the word mjour

5 letter words made from mjour:

4 letter words made from mjour:

rumo, muro, jumo, orum, mujo, rujm, jurm, urmo, juro, roum.

3 letter words made from mjour:

uro, rum, rom.

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