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How to spell MOEDIES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "moedies" include "movies", "moodies" or "models". However, without context or additional information, it is difficult to determine the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell moedies correctly

  • bodies The beach was covered in bodies soaking up the sun.
  • comedies I love watching romantic comedies with my friends on Saturday nights.
  • dowdies The dowdies in the room contrasted sharply with the elegantly dressed guests.
  • foodies Many foodies agree that trying local cuisine is an important part of travel.
  • goodies I went to the bakery and bought a bag of delicious goodies.
  • hoodies I love wearing my cozy hoodies on chilly days.
  • medias The medias are playing a crucial role in shaping public opinions.
  • medics The medics quickly responded to the car accident and attended to the injured passengers.
  • middies The school required all students to wear middies as part of their uniform.
  • modes There are various modes of transportation that can be used for travelling.
  • moieties The compounds are divided equally into two moieties.
  • moldier
  • moldiest I opened the door to the basement and was hit with the smell of the moldiest, mustiest air I had ever experienced.
  • mollies I have a fish tank full of mollies, but one of them is getting quite large.
  • mommies Mommies usually have a lot of responsibilities on their plate.
  • monies The foundation collected enough monies to distribute to various charitable organizations.
  • monodies The monodies of the church choir echoed beautifully throughout the ancient cathedral.
  • moodier My teenage sister becomes moodier every time she talks to her ex-boyfriend.
  • moodiest His moodiest days were always the days when it rained.
  • moodles
  • movies I usually prefer watching movies at home rather than going to the movie theater.
  • muddies The rain muddies the paths in the park.
  • noddies The noddies were circling around the boat, waiting for their next meal.
  • oldies My parents love listening to oldies music from the 1960s and 70s.
  • roadies The roadies were packing up the equipment after the concert ended.
  • rowdies The rowdies in the crowd caused a disturbance during the soccer match.
  • toadies The boss surrounded himself with toadies who would do anything he asked.
  • toddies I ordered some hot toddies to warm myself up on a cold night.
  • woodies

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