What is the correct spelling for MOLEULE?

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Correct spelling for MOLEULE

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Possible correct spellings for moleule

  • allele An individual can have two copies of the same allele or two different alleles.
  • melee The Athenians now attacked not only from the sea with their fleet, but also disembarked upon the coast; and a melee ensued of the most confused and violent kind, in which the Athenians disabled most of the enemy's vessels and killed Alcamenes their commander, losing also a few of their own men.
  • merle No, you are not in London while you are at Merle Park,-of course.
  • mileage It hurts, it cripples them, they ride thirty miles to vote against you; it costs you all the extra mileage money to offset their votes.
  • mobile If his attire was simple, it but set off the better the play of his mobile features, and the rich, unfailing flow of his conversation.
  • model He engaged her as his model, and, soon or late, painted no less than thirty-nine pictures of her.
  • modeler The common, spring-loaded two-piece wood clothespin - marked in some manner with text and/or color-coding for the designated frequency it references, usually with an added piece of thin plywood or plastic on the clothespin to place the text or color-code upon for greater visibility - is the usual basis for these, whether the model club itself provides them already clipped onto a "frequency control board" for the modeler to take for their activity (clipped onto their transmitter's antenna, in a so-called "subtractive" method) or the modeler make them for their own transmitter(s), and places them on a club facilitys existing frequency board (the "additive" method).
  • modeller From the perspective of the mathematical modeller, it is an emergent behaviour arising from simple rules that are followed by individuals and does not involve any central coordination.
  • module The known proteic addiction modules all have similar shared characteristics, including placement of the antitoxin gene relative to the toxin gene, method of toxin neutralization by the antitoxin, and autoregulation of the addiction module by the antitoxin or toxin:antitoxin complex.
  • mogul The Grand Mogul sat at a table covered with papers to my left, and happily looked upon the interruption and the rapturous outburst as nothing uncommon.
  • mole Earl Fitzwilliam, in his position of landlord, proposed to send the man who called mole-hills mountains at once to the Northampton Asylum.
  • molecular As soon as he was out of the deadly molecular ray he shut off his screen, and turned on all his molecular rays.
  • molecule I also conclude that since none of the processes of nature, during their varied action on different individual molecules, have produced, in the course of ages, the slightest difference between the properties of one molecule and those of another, the history of whose combinations has been different, we cannot ascribe either their existence or the identity of their properties to the operation of any of those causes which we call natural.
  • molehill Mr. Justice Molehill gnawed at his lower lip.
  • moliere The reputed masterpiece of Moliere shows us Alceste and Celimene in the end still at odds.
  • moll "Here are a dozen visitors who will presently be examining Moll as a marvel.
  • mollie "I wish keepers had to sit two or three days with their bare ankles in a trap," said Mollie in vindictive tones.
  • molly When Margaret Kirwin was not in the kitchen Molly was always laughing and talking, and her father and mother often thought it was her voice that brought the old woman out of her room.
  • morale Martin, L.A.: La Morale chez les Chinois.
  • morel Scarcely had the doctor pronounced the signal than Louise sprang forwards, and presented herself at the door just as her father reached it. Bewildered and amazed, Morel let fall the gold he clutched in his hands, and retreated in visible surprise.
  • moselle For even if they succeeded in breaking through the Malroy-Charly line, they could get no further so long as the Germans were at Servigny and swept with their fire the plain as far as the Moselle, a space not more than 5000 paces broad.
  • mosul Dr. Grant resolved to go to Mosul.
  • motel Then there was one call from her to me, telephone call from the motel where she was staying for a couple of weeks after the assassination.
  • motile Paraburkholderia ginsengisoli is a gram-negative, rod-shaped, motile bacterium with unipolar polytrichous flagella from the genus Paraburkholderia and the family Burkholderiaceae which was isolated from soil of a ginseng field in South Korea.
  • mottle
  • mould
  • moult
  • mule
  • solely
  • Moles Dic, Moles, quem inveneris in biculo tuo?
  • MLLE They fought, according to Mlle.
  • molls Ekland was afraid of becoming typecast, having already played two gangsters molls before Carter.
  • Moseley It was the misfortune of Lady Moseley to limit her views of marriage to the scene of this life, forgetful that every union gives existence to a long line of immortal beings, whose future welfare depends greatly on the force of early examples, or the strength of early impressions.
  • modulo The above definition states that a composite integer n is Carmichael precisely when the nth-power-raising function pn from the ring Zn of integers modulo n to itself is the identity function.

49 words made from the letters moleule

3 letter words made from moleule:

ell, mol, olm, llm, eel, elm, ull, leo, emu, luo, lem, lee, leu.

5 letter words made from moleule:

lemel, oleum, ellum, muell, mulee, loule, ullom, molle.

4 letter words made from moleule:

lome, lule, lelo, lele, oell, moue, leum, ulmo, meou, leul, leel, loeu, mull, emel, omul, loum, moll, eule, moul, loue, luol, moel, mule, ulee, elul, uele, mole, elom.

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