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How to spell NASEL correctly?

If you meant to write "nasal" instead of "nasel", here are some possible correct suggestions: nasal, nasa, nail, navel, nacelle, nestle, nipple, nozzle. Double check the context to confirm which one makes the most sense.

List of suggestions on how to spell nasel correctly

  • asl
  • basal The basal metabolic rate of an average adult male is around 1,600-1,800 calories per day.
  • basel Basel is a Swiss city known for its museums and art galleries.
  • basely He basely betrayed his friend and took credit for their work.
  • basil I love the aroma of fresh basil that wafts through my kitchen whenever I cook Italian food.
  • easel The artist positioned his canvas on the easel, ready to begin painting.
  • Hansel
  • hazel She looked at him with her large hazel eyes, waiting for his answer.
  • nail I need to buy a new nail for my picture frame.
  • namely
  • nasa NASA has been exploring the universe for decades.
  • nasal I have a nasal congestion and I can't breathe properly through my nose.
  • nasals
  • nasser I remember the day Nasser was overthrown.
  • nasty The nasty smell made me nauseous.
  • natal
  • NATL
  • nausea She had a feeling of nausea and began to feel lightheaded.
  • naval The USS Naval Academy is a military academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • navel She was born with a navel ring.
  • newel It is customary to offer a prayer before ascending a newel stair.
  • Nigel Nigel was born in London in 1962.
  • nisei The nisei were Japanese-Americans who were forcibly relocated during World War II.
  • nobel Somebody in a very real way has won the Nobel Prize.
  • noel " Noel" is a word that is often used to refer to the Christmas season.
  • nose A mole on her nose looked like a tick.
  • nosed The dog nosed its way through the mud to find a bone.
  • Noses She loves to see the dogs wag their tails and wrinkle their noses.
  • novel Mary was so engrossed in her novel that she didn't even hear her phone ringing.
  • nyse
  • passel Someone left their passel of puppies at the pet store.
  • tassel The tassel on my graduation cap was blowing in the wind as I walked across the stage.
  • teasel The teasel plant has sharp spines on its stem and leaves.
  • weasel A weasel snuck into my chicken coop and killed all of my hens.

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