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How to spell NEIHER correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "neiher", fear not! The correct spelling of the word is "neither". This common error can be easily avoided by remembering to use an "i" instead of an extra "e". With this simple correction, your writing will surely shine!

List of suggestions on how to spell neiher correctly

  • ne'er
  • nearer I moved nearer to him to hear what he was saying.
  • neater My handwriting is neater since I started practicing calligraphy.
  • neither Neither John nor Jane wanted to go to the party.
  • nephew
  • nether The nether regions of the castle were said to be haunted.
  • netter
  • neuter The veterinarian will neuter the male dog to prevent unwanted breeding.
  • never
  • NEWER The newer model of the car has better fuel efficiency.
  • NICER I wish people would be a lot nicer to each other.
  • nigher
  • niter The cave was filled with niter formations.
  • nosher I didn't realize he was such a nosher until I saw him snacking constantly throughout the day.

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