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How to spell NEOTS correctly?

If you’ve misspelled "neots", you might have intended to type "notes", "nets" or "neon". These suggestions are plausible alternatives depending on the context, so double-check the intended meaning and select the word that matches it best. Always proofread your work to catch any mistyped words.

List of suggestions on how to spell neots correctly

  • knots The sailor expertly untied the knots in the rope.
  • neat
  • needs The child needs their parents to teach them important life skills.
  • NERDS The group of nerds gathered after school to play Dungeons & Dragons.
  • nest
  • NESTS No one ever really succeeds in nests.
  • net
  • nets I have to check my nets for holes.
  • NEUT
  • news I always make sure to watch the news to stay informed about current events.
  • newt I caught a newt in the pond while fishing.
  • Newts
  • nits I always have to wear gloves when I go outside to avoid getting nits.
  • nods She nods her head in agreement to the idea.
  • Noes The noes have it, and the motion does not carry.
  • NOS
  • not I do not like to eat sushi.
  • note I made sure to take note of the important details during the meeting.
  • notes Please take your notes to class.
  • nous
  • nuts

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