How to spell NINIE correctly?

We think the word ninie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell ninie correctly

  • Annie I'm going to buy Annie some ice cream.
  • CINE It was a very long movie.
  • dine I'm planning to dine at that new restaurant tonight.
  • fine I am feeling fine today, thank you.
  • kine She loves spending time with her friends, going out for kine and delicious food.
  • line I need to get a hold of my phone so I can access my line.
  • mine He dug a hole in the ground and began to mine for coal.
  • mini This mini skirt is too short.
  • Minnie I used to have a little mouse named Minnie.
  • nan Nan is a type of bread commonly eaten in Indian cuisine.
  • Nannie Nannie always had a smile on her face and cookies in her pocket.
  • Narnia There is a land beyond the sea called Narnia.
  • nice It was nice of you to help me with my homework.
  • nike Nike is a shoe company famous for its high-quality sneakers.
  • nile
  • nina Irina has a neice named Nina.
  • nine
  • ninja The ninja moved swiftly and silently through the shadows.
  • Ninnies I can't believe you would buy those Ninnies toys.
  • ninny I can't believe he's acting like such a ninny over a silly little mistake.
  • ninth I am scheduled to take my final exam on the ninth of December.
  • nisei Nisei is the term used to describe second-generation Japanese Americans.
  • Non
  • nona John won't be there, he's attending a meeting with his new girlfriend, Nona.
  • nonce Without a nonce, this login attempt would not be valid.
  • none None of the students forgot their homework.
  • nun I have a confession to make: I'm a nun.
  • pine
  • sine The graph of y = sin(x) is a smooth wave that oscillates between -1 and 1 infinitely many times.
  • tine I can't decide whether to have tines or not.
  • tinier The tinier of the two towns had only one traffic light.
  • vine I can't believe I vaped all of that vine.
  • wienie My dog likes to give wienie's a good scratching.
  • wine
  • Winnie Winnie is my best friend's cat.
  • zine My zine is filled with interesting articles on feminism and politics.

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  • brother
  • brothers
  • broths