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How to spell OBESED correctly?

If you meant "obesed" but want to correct the misspelling, the correct term is "obese". "Obese" is an adjective used to describe someone who has an excessive amount of body fat, while "obesed" is not a recognized word. Remember to proofread and use accurate spellings to convey your message clearly.

List of suggestions on how to spell obesed correctly

  • Abased She abased herself in front of the entire class when she admitted to cheating on the exam.
  • abused The animal rescue center takes in many animals that have been abused or neglected.
  • based The movie is based on actual events that happened in the year 1990.
  • beset The country was beset by economic difficulties.
  • obese The doctor told her that she needed to lose weight, as she was classified as obese.
  • Obeyed The dog obeyed his owner's command to sit.
  • obsessed He was obsessed with finding the perfect cup of coffee.

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