Correct spelling for OCQUARD

We think the word ocquard is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ocquard

  • accord "Let me"-here the prayer-book opened almost of its own accord-"let me-marry you."
  • acquire The life may be hard on you, Shirley; one has to acquire a taste for it, you know."
  • acquired The positive fear of death is largely an acquired mental attitude.
  • acquit Insomuch that the judges were at a loss what to do, and several times adjourned the trial, unwilling to acquit him of the crime, which was sufficiently proved, and yet unable to execute the law while his noble action remained, as it were, before their eyes.
  • actuary M. A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London.
  • aqua Aqua regia is the only acid which dissolves it, and the action is much slower than with Au.
  • cad I called him a coward and a blackguard and a mean cur and a sneaking cad and everything I could think of in one long breath, until I found myself faint and sick with excitement and the nameless growing terror of it.
  • card Miss Waddy came out of her absurd little post-card shop and kept saying, "Oh, dear!"
  • cart Cracker, 40 Washington Street, stammered Marian, frightened out of her little sense, and rattling off the first words that came into her head, suggested in part by a baker's cart which passed at the moment.
  • cord While this is being done the ox's hind feet should stand on higher ground than the front, so as to favor the slipping out of the bowel by its own weight, and at the same time an assistant should squeeze the animal's loins, so as to cause it to bend downward and so relax the band formed by the spermatic cord.
  • cottar The service of villein and cottar was, as we have now seen, in part superseded by what we have called a statutory wage-control, founded on a basis of wage supplemented by relief, provided by a rate-supported poor-law.
  • court The sun streamed in through the narrow windows and lighted the terra-cotta flagstones where its rays struck, making the extreme corners of the court seem even dimmer.
  • cud "Ah," said Veale, "if the wood pucks cud transform him on to all fours, what a farder he'd mek to th' next litter o' pops at the Kennels."
  • curd But as the ages passed, and palates became cultivated by heredity, and what made all flavors became known, the woodcock rose and was given the rank of his great heritage-the most perfect bird for him who knows of eating; the bird which is to others what the long-treasured product of some Rhine hillside or Italian vineyard is to the vintage of the day, what old Roquefort or Stilton is to curd, what the sweet, dense, musky perfume of the hyacinth is to the shallow scent of rhododendron.
  • curt To the butler who admitted them, Burr gave a curt message for Madame Jumel, asking that she come down to them at once in the drawing-room.
  • ecuador We read it in the Valleys of the Ohio and the Mississippi, in the copper beds by the side of Lake Superior, along the shores of Ecuador, and in the country to the southward.
  • equate It pains me to make known to you that, owing to the great demands recently made upon the goldsmiths by her sacred Majesty, money hath become very dear; and as it was not my own lent you, I have been obliged to pay above the usance expected a further premium of seventeen in the hundred, which I pray you to presently repay me. I am told that shares in the Globe can now be bought at L15; and inasmuch as yours were bought at L25, should you acquire other shares at L15, it would serve to equate your havings.
  • equator For instance, in the diffusion preparation we notice at each extremity of the equator a V-shaped figure with its apex towards the centre, corresponding exactly to what in natural karyokinesis is called the equatorial crown.
  • gourd But as if, like the Castle of Otranto, there was something in Mordaunt Court which contained a penalty and a doom for the usurper, no sooner had Vavasour possessed himself of his kinsman's estate, than the prosperity of his life dried and withered away, like Jonah's gourd, in a single night.
  • guard In Africa, the Hottentot shepherds employ a species of cow to guard their flocks of sheep.
  • jacquard And our wool that was sold in Rome in the time of Juvenal and our flax and our damask from the looms of Antrim and our Limerick lace, our tanneries and our white flint glass down there by Ballybough and our Huguenot poplin that we have since Jacquard de Lyon and our woven silk and our Foxford tweeds and ivory raised point from the Carmelite convent in New Ross, nothing like it in the whole wide world.
  • occur 14,404. I suppose it was expected that if any case should occur in which a debt was due to Mr. Leask, you would do the same good office for him?
  • oct Oct 29, 1915, Aristide Briand.
  • ocular With my eyeglass in my ocular.
  • orchard In some places the parishioners walk in procession visiting the principal orchards in the parish; in each orchard single out the principal tree, salute it with a certain form of words and sprinkle it with cyder or dash a bowl of cyder against it.
  • quad Quad Cities-Mrs. Marilyn A. Hasselroth, Box 508, Milan, Illinois.
  • quart They could eat cabbage and potatoes, rye bread and cheese, by the half peck, and drink buttermilk by the quart.
  • quarto On the other hand, he was a man of fixed habits, and one of these habits came to be the decoration of the titlepage of nearly every small quarto he issued with a woodcut of some kind or other, the title itself being sometimes printed on a riband above it.
  • quid He will be "a passenger for one quid" from London to Gothenburg, thence to Stockholm, and Marianna.
  • squad Whitcomb was playing center on the first squad in Horace's absence.
  • Kurd He never stirred from the spot, but drew his hat deep down and regarded the Kurd from beneath it with his foxy eyes.
  • Oared 11,954. Are there none of the six-oared boats in use here?
  • Occurred Then something occurred to me, and I said "Unless-" and went over to the starboard bulwarks, and looked over and down into the sea; but there was nothing but sea; and so I turned and made my way forrard.
  • occurs 765. You say in that letter, 'We are bound by agreement to fish to our landlord, but no price is agreed upon until the time of settlement, which occurs about once a year.
  • CUED On the 25th ultimo, from the subscriber, living near Culpepper Court-house, A Negro Man named JACK, about 30 years old, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, very muscular, full faced, wide nostrils, large eyes, a down look, speaks slowly and wore his hair cued; had on when he eloped, a white shirt, grey broad cloth coat, mixed cassimere waistcoat and breeches, a brown hat, faced underneath with green, and a pair of boots.

76 words made from the letters ocquard

3 letter words made from ocquard:

uro, cur, oca, rod, uca, cad, cud, duo, qcd, qur, ado, doc, arc, car, urd, cro, rad, doa, oar, roc.

5 letter words made from ocquard:

uraco, croad, doura, quora, rdquo, cador, courd, cuora, draco, durao, adour, crudo, aroud, corda, uarco, coura, duroc, cruda, darco, quoad.

4 letter words made from ocquard:

doar, coda, dura, dour, doru, raud, card, coua, duco, crau, quoc, cora, quad, qura, drua, ordu, roud, duro, ruad, cord, audo, orad, daur, dcau, curd, road, odra, ouda, drau, uaoc, auro, duoc, urca, orca, coud, crud.

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