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How to spell OLADED correctly?

If you meant to say "loaded" but misspelled it as "oladed", here are some possible correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling and use "loaded" or consider alternatives like "stocked", "filled" or "packed". Avoid confusion by proofreading before submitting your written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell oladed correctly

  • bladed The warrior's bladed sword gleamed in the sun as he charged towards his enemy.
  • elated As a result of winning the award, she felt elated and had a huge smile on her face.
  • Elided The professor quickly elided over the controversial topic in his lecture.
  • Eluded The thief successfully eluded police.
  • Evaded The thief evaded the police by hiding in an abandoned building.
  • folded She folded her clothes neatly and placed them in the dresser.
  • Glided As the swan glided across the pond, its graceful movements mesmerized onlookers.
  • laded The truck was laded with boxes of fresh produce.
  • Larded He larded his speech with technical jargon to impress his audience.
  • Lauded Pope Francis was lauded for his response to the violence in Charlottesville.
  • leaded The pipes in the old house were leaded and needed to be replaced for health and safety reasons.
  • loaded He loaded the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes.
  • molded The clay was shaped and molded into a beautiful vase.
  • olden In the olden days, people used to rely on horses and carriages for transportation.
  • older My older sister always gives good advice.
  • orated The politician orated for over an hour, but failed to convince the audience.
  • Plated The dessert was beautifully plated.
  • Pleaded
  • Slated After reading the Slated pamphlet, I must revise my opinion of the author.

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