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How to spell OLITE correctly?

If you're looking for the correct suggestions for the misspelling "olite", there are a few possibilities. It could be "elite", meaning superior or distinguished. Alternatively, it might be "polite", referring to being well-mannered. Lastly, it could be "ignite", signifying the act of lighting or starting a fire. Make sure to choose the appropriate word based on context!

List of suggestions on how to spell olite correctly

  • elate
  • elide He decided to elide the controversial section of his speech to avoid any potential backlash.
  • elite The elite of society can be defined as those who meet certain standards of wealth, education, or power.
  • Elites The elites in that society are the rich people.
  • late
  • lit The room was lit by the faint light coming through the window.
  • lite I prefer to buy the lite version of the salad dressing to save on calories.
  • liter I bought a liter of milk at the grocery store.
  • lute My parents always warn me not to play the lute around strangers.
  • oblate The oblate spheroid shape of the Earth causes it to bulge at the equator and flatten at the poles.
  • oldie
  • Ole Ole stood at the edge of the dance floor, tapping his foot to the beat of the music.
  • olive I have an olive oil for dipping.
  • Ollie My dog named Ollie loves to go on long walks with me.
  • polite It is always polite to say "please" and "thank you" when making a request or receiving something.
  • politer I told him to be politer to his elders.

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