Correct spelling for ONFIDENCE

We think the word onfidence is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for onfidence

  • Evidence
  • We can think of no evidence that it had.

  • Unfitness
  • Besides, his ungentlemanly, morose treatment of helpless soldiers indicates his entire unfitness for the position he occupies.

  • Incidence
  • The solomon islanders, with an 86 per cent incidence of very pronounced, have the heaviest lips of all.

  • Inference
  • In like manner, the mariner, in the bustle of preparation, thinks only of the dreaded storm, while the original circumstance,-the knowledge from which the inference was drawn,-is now unheeded, or entirely forgotten.

  • Influence
  • 204 chivalry, influence of, ii.

  • Confidence
  • It is all a matter of their confidence in him.

179 words made from the letters onfidence

4 letter words made from onfidence:

iced, cede, ende, code, fien, ofid, find, feni, coin, dein, feio, deif, dinn, eden, onni, odin, need, nece, oned, onne, feen, inec, fond, noce, fine, coif, enif, eien, once, ofce, noen, dine, indo, feed, nein, finn, nine, neon, nied, deci, none, icon, enof, fend, fode, dice, cedi, enic, ideo, docf, nido, cenn, endo, node, ofen, foie, neid, onen, nodi, done, doin, foni, info, nice, coen, donc, fdic, cefn, enid, oncf, cone, conn, cene.

5 letter words made from onfidence:

donee, nicod, finne, denio, conen, dence, dinon, foden, niece, onend, einon, finno, eneco, enfin, conne, einen, fenni, dieof, cenon, fedco, indec, coden, denon, fined, ideen, eofen, fiene, fenin, fideo, diene, cione, fendi, fenno, cofee, fence, fiend, enide, necon, donne, onnie, enone, nonce, defen, odeen, ecoid, ennio, denno, foind, inced, ennie, enden, ifoce, deine, donen, nicen, endon, onned, denne, neeco, nonde, ideon, indeo, fondi, nicon, inden, deice, odein, defoe, defeo, ceedo, fonic.

3 letter words made from onfidence:

ido, eon, din, nod, one, ion, ode, inn, fed, fen, doc, ceo, ifc, foe, den, fin, don, edo, cio, dec, nec, end, iod, ecf, oed, neo, doe, eec, ene, ice, nee, con, fee, nne, die.