Correct spelling for OOPEN

We think the word oopen is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for oopen

  • Openly
  • "i must talk openly to somebody," he began, "i'll talk openly to you.

  • Olen
  • Bikini chain gang is a 2004 american made for cable erotic film written and directed by fred olen ray (under the pseudonym name nicholas juan medina).

  • Opp
  • Covering his eyes with his hand, and trying not to hear the flood of argument which mr. mathews was bringing to bear upon his already convinced audience, mr. opp attempted to recall all that mr. gallop had told him.

  • Oaken
  • When we arrived before it, i rested a moment, and leaning against the stout oaken gate, which closed up the entrance to this unknown region, felt at my heart a certain awe, that brought to my mind the sacred terror of those, in ancient days, going to be admitted into the eleusinian mysteries.

  • On
  • Oh yes, they got on.

  • Opec
  • Algeria abeda, afdb, afesd, amf, amu, au, bis, fao, g-15, g-24, g-77, iaea, ibrd, icao, icc, icct (signatory), icftu, icrm, ida, idb, ifad, ifc, ifrcs, iho, ilo, imf, imo, interpol, ioc, iom, iso, itu, las, miga, monuc, nam, oapec, oas (observer), oic, opcw, opec, osce (partner), un, un security council (temporary), unctad, unesco, unhcr, unido, unmee, upu, wco, who, wipo, wmo, wtoo, wtro (observer)

  • Pin
  • Omen
  • Anything positive and decided with the weather is a good omen.

  • Owen
  • You forget that i am mrs. owen and can do as i please.

  • Opener
  • He had fallen so that his head had come down on the upturned edge of the axe-blade; he had then rolled over and the case-opener had dropped from his hand.

  • Opened
  • The cap'n opened the door and they walked in.

  • Oven
  • The air scorched michael's face like the hot air which comes from an oven when its door is opened.

  • Pun
  • Ion
  • Ion source the ion source is a simple arc-type.

  • Ozone
  • In a shed, which extended beyond the illimitable range of the angel's eye, machinery and tongues were engaged in a contest which filled the ozone with an incomparable hum.

  • Opes
  • There came into many a burgher's pate a text which says that heaven's gate opes to the rich at as easy rate as the needle's eye takes a camel in!

  • Penn
  • Peon
  • Upend
  • Reopen
  • En
  • Mr. sapworth introduced me to the crowd en masse.

  • Op
  • 368, and giles, op.

  • Ope
  • Baby, baby, ope your eye, for the sun is in the sky;

  • Opens
  • The door then opens and there enters one of the ushers.

  • Upon
  • Peen
  • Own
  • You never think of your own.

  • Pena
  • Oops
  • Finally, in 1977, rundgren followed up with another bailey reference with a song entitled "love in action" from the utopia album oops!

  • One
  • 89, 90, one vol.

  • Oped
  • "'still, oh! still 'twere lovelier rather to be roaming through the heather; and where flow'd the stream so glassy, 'mong its flowers and margins mossy, where the flocks at noon their path on came to feed by birk and hawthorn; or upon the mountain lofty, seated where the wind blew softly, with my faithful friend beside me, and my plaid from sun to hide me, and the volume oped before me, i would trace the minstrel's story, or mine own wild harp awaken, 'mid the deep green glens of braken, free and fearlessly revealing all the soul of native feeling.

  • Aspen
  • The violence of the wind, the claps of thunder, the piercing cold, and above all, fear, made me tremble all over like an aspen leaf.

  • E'en
  • "not so great as you would have us think, sir," commented sir robert catline, "for e'en in the trial of the late-lamented queen catherine of blessed memory, my lord of uppingham, whose depositions could not be taken previously, was nevertheless allowed to bear witness on behalf of the accused."

  • Open
  • Open the door, monsieur julien.

  • Opine
  • Ruggieri went on to opine that "i bet" "will surely inspire plenty of chatter," and quipped, "ciara is back, and shes not messing around".

  • Eon
  • In some far-off eon, ere this earth-journey began, some woman looked at me that way once, just as titian has this woman look, with the same melting eyes and half-parted lips, and it made an impression on my soul that subsequent incarnations have not effaced.

  • Ape
  • His trembling voice attempt to sing, and ape the poet's rage?

  • Oaten
  • All were in bed at tinoset; but we went into the common sleeping-room, and stirred the people up promiscuously until we found the housewife, who gave us the only supper the house afforded-hard oaten bread and milk.

  • Pen
  • Pone
  • Opel
  • Spouge is a style of barbadian popular music created by jackie opel in the 1960s.

  • Ripen
  • Pan
  • Lay a wet sheet of paper on the bottom of a square tin pan.

13 words made from the letters oopen

3 letter words made from oopen:

neo, poe, one, ono, pen, eon.

4 letter words made from oopen:

open, poon, opon, peon, pone, onoe.

5 letter words made from oopen: