Correct spelling for OPERATS

We think the word operats is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for operats

  • operate It was only his due that Sharon should let him operate it; perhaps natural that Sharon should prefer him to.
  • operator The day after they reached New York the operator at Upper Chain received a message over which he puzzled long.
  • Operators As usual, I took the 'night trick,' which most operators disliked, but which I preferred, as it gave me more leisure to experiment.
  • operates No, my lord, answered Donal, with decision; you bring nothing but your intellectual nature to bear on it so; the moral nature, I repeat, operates only in action.
  • operands
  • operettas
  • operas
  • coal-and-ice
  • cobbers

296 words made from the letters operats

5 letter words made from operats:

astro, preto, toper, parse, paste, astre, aerts, rotes, stoer, stoae, strop, praos, repot, speat, stroe, reato, soare, stape, apter, serot, poets, poeta, pater, aster, posta, terao, strap, saper, prato, ratso, preso, paser, staro, toser, patre, astor, tepas, ptero, paret, rates, rosea, poeas, orest, otras, taper, tropa, preta, aesop, oates, sprat, oster, orate, stare, aetos, saepo, artos, opeta, poser, oater, potae, potes, peros, sotra, stoep, ropes, pesra, sepat, spore, rapso, pesar, perst, seora, tares, porae, trope, sater, taepo, tears, reast, satre, raste, soper, opera, stora, opter, pesta, asper, roast, spare, parts, spate, poter, resto, spear, ratos, patro, sarto, reaps, praet, tarso, serpa, pares, teras, strep, pareo, oprea, tosar, pates, rotas, parto, store, pores, erato, preas, troas, aptos, oestr, prosa, sport, strae, ostra, toeas, ostap, posar, petro, eorsa, parot, peras, treos, prate, pasto, roate, taros, taspo, paseo, repas, poste, spaer, porta, prose, apest.

3 letter words made from operats:

ore, ert, apt, apr, epa, sap, ter, pot, sop, oar, poe, pea, arp, rot, ape, tao, tor, sea, eos, par, res, esr, era, pat, oat, tap, ret, toe, ras, spa, per, roe, ear, opt, sat, atp, rep, stp, est, set, rat, top, pro, asp, poa, pre, eta, tea, sot, tar, art, pes, pst, sep, psa, ops, pas, ate, rap, eat, pet, oas, are.

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