Correct spelling for OPPRIATE

We think the word oppriate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for oppriate

  • appraise But now the bringing of them together in one volume permits us all to appraise the quality of what is the most significant accomplishment of our Georgians.
  • appreciate To appreciate this effort on the part of the old birds, it must be recollected that immediately after the first shot the great mass of the old rooks fly off in alarm.
  • apprise The tenor of these dispatches was to apprise Colonel Montgomery of the blockade of Fort Loudon and ask relief, urging him to push forward at once and attack the Ottare towns, when valuable assistance could be rendered him by the ordnance of the fort, as well as by a detachment of infantry from the forces of the garrison attacking the Indians on the flank in support of the aggressions of his vanguard.
  • aspirate 9. "The difference between a palatial and guttural aspirate is very small."
  • irate The astonished Boggs, finding himself thus deposited upon the floor, and beholding the irate face of Mr. McFettridge glooming down upon him, and fancying him to be the cause of his present humiliating position, sprang to his feet, swung a violent blow upon Mr. Fettridge's ear, exclaiming sotto voce: "Take that, will you!
  • operate Like mankind, they sometimes co-operate for dishonest ends; they form "trusts" and organise into gangs for purposes of mutual aid.
  • operator The deAngelis operator leaned back in his chair and winked at the controller.
  • operetta "And tableaux and an operetta take just as much time to rehearse," mused Polly, thinking very hard if there wasn't something to keep them from the dreaded recitations.
  • opiate Then Philip tried to convince himself that, from all that was said of his previous character, Kinraid was not capable of an enduring constant attachment; and with such poor opiate to his conscience as he could obtain from this notion Philip was obliged to remain content, until, a day or two after the first intelligence of the presence of those three ships, he learned, with some trouble and pains, that their names were the Megoera, the Bellerophon, and the Hanover.
  • opposite At the opposite pole from them are the four full-page pictures in the 1493 and later editions of the Fascicolo de Medicina of Joannes Ketham.
  • orate Omnes sancti Martyres, orate pro nobis.
  • overrate
  • pirate
  • prat
  • prate
  • prater
  • pyrite
  • sprite
  • Operated Weber's machine, operated by an engine of 10 horse power, working usually to half its capacity only, reduced 400 cubic feet of peat per hour, to the proper consistency for moulding.
  • operates 380. A combination, of another kind, exists at this moment to a great extent, and operates upon the price of the very pages which are now communicating information respecting it.
  • overate

311 words made from the letters oppriate

4 letter words made from oppriate:

6 letter words made from oppriate:

poipet, pratie, pripet, papert, optare, petipa, tropea, trippe, ropati, tipper, pareti, raptio, aiport, pitaro, potpie, pteria, peoria, poiret, papier, aperto, prieta, apport, pareto, protea, potier, opiate, porate, propia, prieto, partie, pirate, teoria, petaro, popera, tapper, papito, patrie, artpop, appier, trappe, piotre, perito, topper, appert, protei.

3 letter words made from oppriate:

roe, per, eat, ira, ear, pea, tap, ret, ire, pie, poi, ipo, era, tri, rat, pot, oar, rip, pro, tie, atp, art, tia, tao, pei, ate, toe, air, pip, top, epa, tor, pit, apt, pet, ore, epi, pre, rit, rap, arp, tai, tea, oat, pap, pat, ter, pop, rep, tip, par, pia, apr, tar, rio, poa, poe, are, eta, rot, ape, ppi, pep, opt, ert.

5 letter words made from oppriate:

piert, oirat, rapti, paret, orate, prati, peira, irate, popie, opera, petro, paite, preto, tripa, trepp, ariot, ptero, prato, pirot, atrio, pitra, pirae, potae, repot, atire, tropp, apter, poire, teria, otira, iater, peria, topia, prita, pipat, raeti, taepo, tipao, pitre, iatro, rappe, troie, toper, praet, prate, artio, tappe, oater, terao, porae, proti, prope, piper, aitor, taper, proia, raite, oprea, rotie, atrip, otari, pater, tripe, pipet, erato, paper, piter, parto, opeta, poria, patre, popat, terai, tapie, rippe, parot, appro, reato, parit, preti, roate, pareo, tippe, tapei, poter, oteri, pitar, papio, patio, preta, petai, itera, apito, teppo, poeta, tapir, pieta, opper, tropa, parti, patri, trope, pipra, retia, patro, porta, pepto, repap, ratio, opter, perai, pirat, taiep.

7 letter words made from oppriate:

parieto, pairote.

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