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How to spell OUDATED correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "oudated", worry not! The correct spelling is "outdated". You can remember this by thinking of the phrase "out with the old!" To avoid errors, always double-check the spelling or use spell-check tools. Stay updated with the correct spelling, and you'll avoid any confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell oudated correctly

  • Audited The company's financial statements were audited by a third-party firm.
  • dated The dress she wore to the party looked quite dated.
  • mutated The virus has mutated, making it more easily spreadable.
  • orated He orated passionately on the benefits of organic tomatoes.
  • Ousted The politician was ousted from her office.
  • out dated
  • outdated This phone is quite outdated.
  • outed The journalist outed the corrupt politician, revealing their unethical actions to the public.
  • sedated The patient needed to be sedated before the surgery.
  • undated The document was undated, making it impossible to determine when it was created.
  • updated The website is now updated.

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