Correct spelling for OVERW

We think the word overw is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for overw

  • Lover(Definition of lover)
  • Flavia asked, lifting her happy face to her lover, as he stood over her.

  • Ever(Definition of ever)
  • And i like them just as much as ever, ted."

  • Oder
  • We poor men, no can take case in oder court, an' fader him hang, an' gianni hang, an' me get life.

  • Over(Definition of over)
  • He walked over to it.

  • Overly(Definition of overly)
  • "rot, tars tarkas," i cried, "those voices come from beings as real as you or as i. in their veins flows lifeblood that may be let as easily as ours, and the fact that they remain invisible to us is the best proof to my mind that they are mortal; nor overly courageous mortals at that.

  • Overs
  • "well, if the choice is mine i think i'll have pop-overs," he replied.

  • Rover(Definition of rover)
  • Snuffing slightly at the storm, which was not over yet, rover started down the walk, while hugh stood waiting in the door.

  • Cover(Definition of cover)
  • Cover, bake for an hour, and serve cold.

  • O'er(Definition of o'er)
  • A gripping hymn by a girl 456 o'er jerusalem thou weepest.

  • Dover
  • For we are both going to dover when the king goes.

  • Hover(Definition of hover)
  • Come to me, departed souls, with the memories of happier days, and hover with thy cheering, sunny influence over the wrinkled brow of old fritz!"

  • Avers
  • Yet probably, as a matter of fact, the very woman who avers she regrets that your friendship is not mere platonic, would resent the platonism did it exist.

  • Overdo(Definition of overdo)
  • It don't pay to overdo even a good thing."

  • I've
  • I've often, often wanted to tell you ...

  • Oven(Definition of oven)
  • George ridler is no less a personage than king charles i., and the oven represents the cavalier party.

  • Ave(Definition of Ave)
  • It was now, he said, the hour of the ave maria, or of vespers.

  • Avow(Definition of avow)
  • "mr trump,- "sir,-you will remember our conversation some days since with reference to the abduction of susan hartshorne by markworth, and the desire i expressed to avow my share in the conspiracy?

  • Avery
  • It was a definite dismissal-perhaps the most definite that avery had ever had in her life.

  • Oversaw
  • In charge of the machine shop were two polish officers whose names to me were both unpronounceable and unspellable and they oversaw the modifications.

  • Ovary(Definition of ovary)
  • The ovary, of two carpels, is seated on a ring-like disk which secretes honey.

  • Eve(Definition of eve)
  • I'll quiet him down, but we've got to get a trained nurse in here, christmas eve-bad time!"

  • Offer(Definition of offer)
  • Then he jumped at the offer.

  • Overt(Definition of overt)
  • Her mother's overt opposition did not dismay or discourage her much; for, after the grateful excitement of the first interview had passed away, she had entertained in spite of herself certain misgivings as to the duration, if not the genuineness of "my lady's" favour, or even neutrality.

  • Every(Definition of every)
  • I can remember nearly every word, so it doesn't matter.

  • Aver(Definition of aver)
  • Nevertheless she seemed to recover her spirits enough to talk volubly of the beautiful scenery she had discovered in her late perilous abandonment in the wilds of the coast range; to aver her intention to visit it again; to speak of it in a severely practical way as offering a far better site for the cottages of the young married couples just beginning life than the outskirts of towns or the bleak sand hills of san francisco; and thence by graceful degrees into a dissertation upon popular fallacies in regard to hasty marriages, and the mistaken idea of some parents in not accepting the inevitable and making the best of it.

  • Evert(Definition of evert)
  • Jack hobson held the staples in position while tom evert, lying on his side, drove them into the wall of solid coal with a dozen blows from his heavy hammer.

  • Mover(Definition of mover)
  • Having thus in the fewest words, and in a natural reply to as natural a question,-which yet answers the secondary purpose of attracting our attention to the difference or diversity between the characters of cornwall and albany,-provided the premisses and 'data', as it were, for our after insight into the mind and mood of the person, whose character, passions, and sufferings are the main subject-matter of the play;-from lear, the 'persona patiens' of his drama, shakspeare passes without delay to the second in importance, the chief agent and prime mover, and introduces edmund to our acquaintance, preparing us with the same felicity of judgment, and in the same easy and natural way, for his character in the seemingly casual communication of its origin and occasion.

  • Avert(Definition of avert)
  • My personal pardon cannot, and ought not, to avert them-as i am sure you must perceive, mr. wardour, she added, as the frightened child retreated upon him.

  • Ova(Definition of Ova)
  • When the young fish hatch out, the trays which contained the ova can be removed, and the young fish kept in the boxes.

14 words made from the letters overw

4 letter words made from overw:

over, wroe, ower, rove, vrow, evro.

3 letter words made from overw:

owe, rev, ore, row, vow, roe, woe.

5 letter words made from overw: