What is the correct spelling for OWERN?

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Correct spelling for OWERN

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Possible correct spellings for owern

  • awe She was fond of her brother, but had seen little of him, and stood rather in awe of his superior genius; for Macaulay was a young man who possessed in a very high degree what we call the advantages of modern education.
  • awn One species of Barley-grass, which grows very commonly in our sea-marshes, the Hordeum maritimum, is apt to render cattle diseased in the mouth, from chewing the seeds, which are armed with a strong bristly awn not dissimilar to the spike of this grass.
  • e'en "Guid e'en to ye, 'Cuif,'" cried Meg Kissock as soon as Saunders Mowdiewort came within earshot.
  • earn Who are you, that talks agin' a poor widder that's tryin' to earn an honest living?
  • en Who was it told you lies about en?"
  • eon (On and Eon) [Greek: Onoma autoi Hebraisti]: diaresis on [Greek: a]; in original.
  • ewe The ewe soon after had two female kids, which were now so far grown as to be nearly ready to propagate; and the old ewe was again with kid.
  • ewer With a quick, scared glance round him, as though afraid that even the silence might be the silence of treachery, the gaunt figure advanced with covert eagerness across the floor, leaving the door wide open behind him, as if to be ready for him should he desire to fly; and precipitating himself upon a ewer of cold water standing upon the floor, he drank and drank and drank as though he would never cease.
  • iowan The Iowan replied that he hoped to get into an English cavalry regiment, and I mentioned the corps I had joined.
  • ocean This was her own ship which was going out upon the ocean!
  • omen The words had vanished from her memory when she awoke, but she knew that their purport had been sorrowful and of ill omen.
  • on He's going on, I tell you.
  • one Tell me if it is the one."
  • open "The door was open as always, monsieur, and I shut it as always.
  • oran It is situated some eighty miles from its chief town, Oran, and enjoys a delightful situation in an undulating country under a thorough system of irrigation and cultivation.
  • oven Bake the pie in a quick oven.
  • owe "You owe me a revenge at the sword's point, as you know right well.
  • owed He seemed to think it was a sort of abstract duty he owed to my people."
  • owen "Tell me what it is, anyway," cried Owen.
  • owens There was a mania abroad, that made common Yankees as confident of their ability to achieve new social machinery and save the world, as though they were Owens or Fouriers.
  • owing I never heard you, owing to the rush of the water."
  • own I know my own biz'nuss!
  • owner People came softly out, came on tiptoe toward the cottage, and with a silent greeting to its owner sat down beside the road to listen.
  • sworn So they shook hands and were sworn brothers.
  • urn The museum was closed, but questioning of the guard disclosed that Rick had been there, and had "found" an unusual statue wrapped in newspaper and left in an urn.
  • verne The Jules Verne descended, and pushed with all her force, while the engines of the Ark were reversed, and within fifteen minutes they were once more afloat.
  • wan Sudden he wuz turned agin, an' swung backwards so thot Neale grabbed the other arm-the wan wot held the knife.
  • warn There was no porter at the gate to welcome me or to warn me back; the wet road lay straight in front, barred only by sunbeams.
  • wean "But I don't think I ought to wean it when it's so young," cried Mrs. Finn, breaking down and wringing her thin hands with an immemorial Hibernian gesture.
  • weeny "And isn't Teeny Weeny the Shrew related to the Mice at all?" asked Happy Jack.
  • wen I wuz agoin' on to say thet wen at fust I saw The masses would stick to 't I wuz the Country's father-'n-law, (They would ha' hed it Father, but I told 'em 'twouldn't du, Coz thet wuz sutthin' of a sort they couldn't split in tu, 20 An' Washinton hed hed the thing laid fairly to his door, Nor darsn't say 'tworn't his'n, much ez sixty year afore,) But 'taint no matter ez to thet; wen I wuz nomernated, 'Tworn't natur but wut I should feel consid'able elated, An' wile the hooraw o' the thing wuz kind o' noo an' fresh, I thought our ticket would ha' caird the country with a resh.
  • when When I looked at him he was motionless.
  • win I'm glad he didn't win anything more, sweetheart.
  • won I had won more than a thousand louis, and I gave twenty-five to Desarmoises, who jumped for joy.
  • worn I let her go on till she had worn herself out, and was obliged to lie down.
  • Erin The queen set out next morning, and at sunset she drew up her boat under the castle of the king of Erin.
  • Ween And when they will fight they will shock them together in a plump; that if there be 20,000 men, men shall not ween that there be scant 10,000. And they can well win land of strangers, but they cannot keep it; for they have greater lust to lie in tents without than for to lie in castle or in towns.
  • Bowen The day man, with a smile, not knowing what he did, said Bowen would likely be found at the Parker Place, where Miss Johnson lived with her aunt, her parents being dead.
  • Erwin You know Officer Erwin; he put the jacket on me.
  • Ewing "So far," Ewing said, "I haven't been able to control the process.
  • Erna Then she told them that their Aunt Erna, who had died when she was sixteen, had written it and it would give them a story of how happy the Queen was before Napoleon came into Prussia.
  • Gwen Really, it wasn't, except that Gwen took such a cold and grieved so because other folks had to find where the hidden cascade was.
  • Rowena She felt very small and insignificant as she settled herself lightly on an ornate gilt chair, to await the arrival of Rowena.
  • Verna It appears more probable that he belonged to the noble family dei Cattani, already known to Francis, and of which Orlando, Count of Chiusi in Casentino, who gave him the Verna, was a member.
  • Orin Aquaman goes on to establish himself as the protector of 'Sub Diego', aided by the new Aquagirl Lorena Marquez- the only resident of the city who can still comfortably breath oxygen for any length of time- despite such problems as the human residents' poor reaction to being trapped underwater or Ocean Master's attempt to 'rewrite history so that he is Aquaman while Orin is Ocean Master.
  • Vern 000): Akron Goodyear Wingfoots - Ignis Varese 78-72 Akron Goodyear Wingfoots (Henry Hank Vaughn): Vern Benson 3, Jim Rayl 20, Jay Miller 22, Jim King 2, Mike McCoy 13 - Calvin Fowler 4, Ed Corell 6, Dan Anderson 6, Mike Dabich 2) January 6, 1968, Spectrum, Philadelphia (17.
  • Olen After Midnight (1927 film), an MGM film starring Norma Shearer After Midnight (1989 film), an American horror anthology film After Midnight (1990 film), a film starring Hayley Mills After Midnight (2004 film), an Italian romantic comedy film (Italian: Dopo mezzanotte) After Midnight (2014 film), an American mystery thriller film directed by Fred Olen Ray
  • OWES And then ask him for the twenty dollars he owes you.
  • outworn But the steady growth of centuries has left nothing but the outworn shell of the old religion and the old loyalty.
  • tween Ten minutes later the boat in which he had come off was hanging to the davits, and he, in company with his fellows, was being hurried down into a long low portion of the 'tween decks, with a couple of lanthorns swinging their yellow light to and fro, and trying to make haloes, while an armed marine stood sentry at the foot of the steps leading up on deck.

30 words made from the letters owern

3 letter words made from owern:

eon, row, neo, wen, new, owe, ore, ron, woe, won, own, ern, now, roe, one.

4 letter words made from owern:

noer, owne, wren, worn, roen, nowe, wroe, owen, ower, nero, orne, reno.

5 letter words made from owern:

rewon, owner, nower.

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