What is the correct spelling for PAHTOLOGY?

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Correct spelling for PAHTOLOGY

We think the word pahtology is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pahtology

  • cytology With all its mastery of the laws of heredity, of cytology, and of embryology, it cannot tell why a man is a man, and a dog is a dog. No cell-analysis will give the secret; no chemical conjuring with the elements will reveal why in the one case they build up a head of cabbage, and in the other a head of Plato.
  • partly For there, peeping through the partly open door, was the woman of his dream!
  • pathology The narrative is punctuated by nightmares, marvellously woven out of nothing, and with no psychological value-the human part of the book being a sort of picturesque pathology at best, the representation of a series of states of nerves, sharpened by the tragic ennui of the country.
  • penology It is true that penology in the Philippines has gone ahead with great strides.
  • petrology PETROLOGY- MECHANICALLY FORMED ROCKS 17 CHEMICALLY FORMED ROCKS 19 ORGANICALLY DERIVED ROCKS 20 METAMORPHIC ROCKS 21 IGNEOUS ROCKS 23 STRUCTURE AND ARRANGEMENT OF ROCK-MASSES- Stratification, &c.; Mud-cracks and Rain-prints; Succession of Strata; Extent of Beds; Sequence of Beds-Joints; Cleavage; Foliation; Concretions; Inclination of Strata; Contemporaneous Erosion; Unconformability; Overlap; Faults; Mode of Occurrence of Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks; Mineral Veins 26-46
  • radiology By March 2014, Imaging Advantage used cloud-based technology and a network of more than 300 radiologists to connect emergency room radiology department operations in 17 states.
  • tautology The handwriting and the spelling of this journal are very bad. It abounds in tautology and repetitions.
  • topology This data structure defines a directed graph,[lower-alpha 3] and for it to be a tree one must add a condition on its global structure (its topology), namely that at most one reference can point to any given node (a node has at most a single parent), and no node in the tree point to the root.
  • typology In the United States Prebish coined the typology of "two Buddhisms" to delineate the divide between forms of Buddhism that appealed either primarily to people of the Asian diaspora or to Euro-American converts.
  • Partook Here, too, he partook of a light midday meal whilst the horse was being got ready for him.

282 words made from the letters pahtology

5 letter words made from pahtology:

galoy, yahoo, golop, phagy, lotah, golap, ology, goaty, hotly, polog, haplo, potal, polho, hatlo, ohalo, alyth, lyght, topol, hyogo, aptly, phool, gotha, ahool, lopat, apoyo, haply, patho, otoya, otago, gothy, gotay, payoh, polay, hooly, goopy, loopy, glyph, hagop, plath, hayot, lhota, algot, oyola, paygo, loath, hoopa, gyalo, phyto, topal, togha, photo, platy, atopy, typho, plato, ploat, aholt, yopal, pathy, tolga, agloo, holta, golah, toyah, gooly, lopho, typha, hoola, plooy, hooty, payot, gytha, layth, pyoot, lagoo, hoagy, phlog, paloh, golay, gloat, gooty, phoya.

3 letter words made from pahtology:

hop, tay, gal, oat, hap, loo, oto, tao, hog, pya, gop, alt, gat, lat, alp, gap, ply, hag, goo, goy, hot, poa, hay, lao, gay, lot, lah, opt, log, hao, toy, tag, pat, tho, apt, pol, pot, pal, ola, tap, hoy, yap, hyo, too, pay, lag, top, lay, atp, hat, gyp, goa, lop, tog, ago, lap.

4 letter words made from pahtology:

loog, aygo, goop, yopo, gato, ooph, hoya, pato, hyat, goya, lyta, thoo, tyoo, togo, ygal, hoog, thay, hayt, taho, tylo, yaht, halt, poya, tayo, gayt, pyat, tool, ooga, poha, plot, olya, toho, hoyo, gaol, lago, lgot, ptah, phao, lota, ploy, galy, plog, phyo, phot, gapy, holy, ohly, loay, lyga, lyth, thol, yahp, olha, yalo, oath, ogly, loht, hoot, ohga, yota, thog, phay, pool, loop, looy, htoo, polo, goat, yogo, pago, opah, tyga, poty, tahp, loga, poly, toal, goth, togl, play, glay, yahl, tagh, lath, yoho, plat, goyt, gyal, tyah, path, otay, gayo, yoga, loth, gool, gohl, loya, toga, ghat, alho, halo, ahly, hagy, gaoh, plah, yogh, typo, toop, haly, logo, oola, alto, goal, logy, olah, pgoh, lyot, pogy, loph, hayo, hoop, ooty, hypo, goht, gath, goyo, yoal, poot, loot, oaty, phoo, yolo, pyoo, yapo, topy, hyla, yool, poth, holo, atop, gayl, paty, opal, layo.

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