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How to spell PALEET correctly?

If you're struggling to spell "paleet", fear not! The correct spelling you're looking for is "palette". This term refers to a range of colors used in a particular medium, such as painting or makeup. Remember, "palette" has one "e" and two "l's" - it's as easy as that!

List of suggestions on how to spell paleet correctly

  • pale
  • Paled Her face paled at the sight of the car accident.
  • paler Her complexion had become paler since she started working long hours at the office.
  • palest
  • palette She carefully chose the colors from her extensive palette of paints to create a beautiful landscape on the canvas.
  • Paley "William Paley was a renowned philosopher and theologian of the 18th century.
  • Palled The once strong and lively relationship between the two had palled over time.
  • pallet The workers used a forklift to move the heavy pallet of supplies into the warehouse.
  • pallets The warehouse stored the merchandise on wooden pallets to make it easier to transport.
  • Pelee
  • pellet The bird swallowed the small pellet of food whole.
  • pleat She carefully ironed the pleat on her new skirt to ensure it looked crisp and professional.
  • pullet I got a whole pullet for dinner.

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