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How to spell PALSM correctly?

The correct spelling for "palsm" could be "psalm", which refers to a sacred song or hymn used in religious services. Another suggestion could be "plasm", which refers to the fluid portion of blood or lymph.

List of suggestions on how to spell palsm correctly

  • pails The gardener used a set of metal pails to carry soil and mulch around the garden.
  • pales The beauty of the sunset pales in comparison to the splendor of the Milky Way.
  • palls The sense of isolation palls upon me every time I am home alone.
  • palm He extended his palm to receive the prize.
  • palms She rested her head upon his shoulder, and he felt the warmth of her palms on his chest.
  • palmy Palmy weather made for a pleasant day at the beach.
  • pals
  • palsy He suffered from cerebral palsy and had difficulty controlling his movements.
  • passim The author referenced the sources passim throughout the book.
  • PAWLS I cannot believe she caught that! She has such great pawls.
  • peals She heard the happy peals of her children's laughter.
  • plum The plum tree in our backyard is loaded with fruit this year.
  • POLS As a political science student, I have to take several POLS courses.
  • psalm I find comfort in reciting a psalm when I am feeling anxious.

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