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How to spell PANCKED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "pancked" and the intended word is "panicked", don't worry! It's a common error. The correct spelling for your context is "panicked", meaning feeling sudden fear or anxiety. Double-check spellings before you hit send or use spell-check to avoid such slip-ups!

List of suggestions on how to spell pancked correctly

  • packed I packed my bags for the trip.
  • packet I need to send this important document in a packet to make sure it arrives safely.
  • pancake
  • panicked To be panicked is to be filled with fear and a sense of impending danger.
  • Panned The band played a set that was panned by the audience.
  • parked
  • Pecked I was pecked on the shoulder by a duck.
  • Picked I picked up the red shirt I had left on the floor.
  • Pinked I got pinked by my arch-nemesis.
  • Planked As a result of the storm, the pier was planked by the strong waves.
  • pocked The old man's face was deeply pocked with wrinkles and age spots.
  • Spanked I was spanked as a child when I misbehaved.

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