Correct spelling for PAREK

We think the word parek is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for parek

  • pack "We'll go abroad as soon as we can pack up, shan't we?
  • page He opened it to the page with Lynch's name on it.
  • para Up betimes, and drinking my morning draught of strong water with Betty Michell, I had not opportunity para baiser la, I by water to White Hall, and there met Creed, and thence with him to Westminster Hall, where we talked long together of news, and there met with Cooling, my Lord Chamberlain's Secretary, and from him learn the truth of all I heard last night; and understand further, that this stiffness of the Lords is in no manner of kindness to my Lord Chancellor, for he neither hath, nor do, nor for the future likely can oblige any of them, but rather the contrary; but that they do fear what the consequence may be to themselves, should they yield in his case, as many of them have reason.
  • pare Potato Croquettes Pare sweet or white potatoes and boil as for mashed potatoes.
  • parer Tu eri di merce chiamar gia roco Quand'io tacea; perche vergogna e tema Facean molto desir, parer si poco; Non e minor il duol perch' altri 'l prema, Ne maggior per andarsi lamentando: Per fizion non cresce il ver, ne scema.
  • park They are probably bivouacking on the heights in your park."
  • parka At eleven that night Smoke was routed from sound sleep by Shorty, whose fur parka exhaled an atmosphere of keen frost and whose hand was extremely cold in its contact with Smoke's cheek.
  • parker And Parker, as he climbed toward his lonesome cabin, understood.
  • parky The course is somewhat flat and parky, and big banks of bunkers stretch across the fairway, making the general style of the architecture very much of the Victorian, but the undulations and unevennesses of the banks and hollows are redeeming features.
  • parr In November 1789 Parr wrote to Dr. Burney: "The books may be consulted, and Porson shall do it, and he will do it.
  • peek When the water began to get warm, Raggedy Ann wiggled around and climbed up amongst the clothes to the top of the boiler to peek out.
  • perk The Unspeakable Perk strode down his path, broke into a trot, and held to it until he reached his house.
  • peruke He that sat at the head of the table, a very grim-looking man, with pointed features, in an iron-grey peruke, was no other than my Lord Shaftesbury himself; and the one on his left, with a highish colour in his cheeks, was my Lord Grey.
  • pore One of 'em re'ched over an' felt of the ribbon on the pore gal's hat, and then they stuffed the'r handkerchiefs in the'r mouths and come nigh bustin' with giggles.
  • pork The repast consisted of muddy water, rusty salt-pork, and half a hard cracker, termed by us "an iron-clad breakfast."
  • prank Fancying this prank not to have been without success, she next performed an improvised pas seul illustrative of the text, "The mountains shall skip like little lambs!"
  • prc Political parties and leaders: Agriculture Labor Action or PALA ; Costa Rican Renovation Party or PRC ; Democratic Force Party or PFD ; Libertarian Movement Party or PML ; National Christian Alliance Party or ANC ; National Independent Party or PNI ; National Integration Party or PIN ; National Liberation Party or PLN ; Social Christian Unity Party or PUSC [Luis Manuel CHACON] note: mainly a two-party system - PUSC and PLN; numerous small parties share less than 25% of population's support
  • prey His looks told that he was a prey to the keenest anxiety.
  • pure There were very few horsemen ahead of her, but one of the horses had a tail that flashed pure white.
  • pyre The Pyre in the Middle Foreground is Partly Burned.
  • Pared The apples must be pared at the last minute and grated into the cream.
  • pares The bravest and richest generals and court officials surrounded themselves with bands of warrior slaves, and reached a power almost equal to the reigning sultan, who was, in fact, only primus inter pares, and on his death-usually by assassination-they fought for his title.
  • PARC Miss Sharp took a little parc chair and I was able to watch her as she read-I did not even hear the words-because, as she was looking down I had not to guard myself, but could let my eye devour her small oval face.

42 words made from the letters parek

4 letter words made from parek:

reka, krap, pear, rake, rape, aper, kera, park, peka, perk, aker, pare, akre, erak, reap, kepa, prae, pake, peak, prak.

3 letter words made from parek:

ape, per, are, pre, ark, era, epa, pea, rap, rep, kea, apr, arp, par, ear.

5 letter words made from parek:

karpe, parek, kaper, perak, rapke, pekar, repka.

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