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How to spell PARTERED correctly?

If you meant to write "partnered" instead of "partered", here are some alternative suggestions. The correct spelling is crucial for effective communication. You could also consider using terms like "collaborated", "joined forces" or "teamed up" depending on the context. Always proofread to ensure accuracy and clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell partered correctly

  • Bartered I bartered with the street vendor to get a lower price for the antique necklace.
  • Catered The wedding was catered by a famous restaurant in the city.
  • chartered
  • Pandered The politician pandered to the wealthy businessmen in order to gain their support for the upcoming election.
  • Papered The walls of her bedroom were papered with a colorful and whimsical floral pattern.
  • parted As the ferry pulled away from the dock, I waved goodbye to my friends and sadly parted from them.
  • parterre The garden was planned with a parterre, featuring symmetrical beds and geometric patterns.
  • parterres The gardens were adorned with intricate parterres of flowers and hedges.
  • partied After finishing their final exams, the college students partied all night long.
  • partnered We are partnered with a local gym.
  • Pastured The animals were grazed on a pastured farm.
  • Pattered The paint was starting to peel off the wall; it was pattered with rain.
  • patterned The curtains were beautifully patterned with a floral design.
  • pestered The salesman pestered me with calls and emails trying to sell his product.
  • Petered I petered out after an hour of work.
  • Pottered I pottered around in the garden for a while.
  • Puttered My dad puttered around the garage, organizing his tools and supplies.
  • Quartered I quartered the onions.
  • spattered
  • watered I have watered the plants in the garden this morning.

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