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How to spell PASSIN correctly?

If you are looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "passin", you might consider "passing" as an alternative. The correct spelling "passing" refers to the act of moving in a particular direction or duration, and it is commonly used in various contexts, such as sports or transportation.

List of suggestions on how to spell passin correctly

  • assign The teacher will assign each student a specific task to complete for the group project.
  • ASSN
  • basin The Nile River flows into the Mediterranean basin.
  • gassing The use of chemical weapons like gassing is considered a war crime.
  • Massing The protestors were massing at the city center, ready to march towards the government buildings.
  • pain
  • Parsing The process of parsing the data can help uncover hidden patterns and relationships.
  • parson The parson gave a sermon on love and forgiveness.
  • pass
  • passe Her fashion sense is passe; she always wears old-fashioned clothes.
  • passer The passer on the other team threw the game-winning touchdown.
  • passim The author cited several sources passim throughout the book.
  • passing The passing of his grandfather saddened him deeply.
  • passion Her passion for music drove her to pursue a career as a professional musician.
  • passive He was being passive and wasn't actively participating in the conversation.
  • Pasting She was carefully pasting pictures into her scrapbook.
  • Pausing The speaker was pausing frequently during the speech to catch his breath.
  • pepsin
  • pissing I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her pissing in the alley.
  • poussin Nina has a poussin for a pet.
  • sassing She knew she shouldn't be sassing her mother, but her frustration had reached its limit.

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